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The western mass-media: Tragedy in Minsk - a handwork of the Belarus special services?

explosion in the Minsk underground on April, 11th 2011., at which were lost or have suffered more than 100 persons, has risen in one number with tragical events in Japan and Libya, for a long time already occupying strips of leading foreign mass-media.
the western press is perplexed concerning the reasons of act of terrorism in the Minsk underground where before never happened anything similar. And if last year`s explosions in the Moscow underground gave plentiful food for reasonings about the Caucasian separatism yesterday`s events in Minsk for the lack of official versions generate in minds of foreign journalists careful konspirologicheskie hypotheses.
the British press, different special intolerance to authoritative modes, willingly underlines that the act of terrorism has occurred in the state which not without reason name last dictatorship in Europe (this expression with reference to And. Lukashenko when - that has applied US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice-). Newspaper Guardian reminds that in December of last year A.Lukashenko has cruelly suppressed performances of opposition in the night after presidential election, having put in prison several oppositional candidates for presidents. The head of the Belarus state the day before hinted that explosion at station October opponents of a mode, and not unaided " could organise; external forces . A.Lukashenko ordered to analyse to Committee for State Security possible communication between act of terrorism in the underground and explosion on July, 3rd 2008. (On July, 4th 2008. In Minsk during celebrating of Independence Day of republic has worked an explosive). It has charged to find out, it was favourable to whom to blow up calmness in the country without having excluded that this gift have delivered from the outside .
Meanwhile as newspaper Independent marks, Belarus does not have history of Islamic separatism, and westernized opposition forces will apply hardly the methods directed against civilians . The edition informs referring to Twitter and the Internet - blogs that many in opposition adjusted Byelorussians have sounded suspicions about dismantlings in the Belarus special services or even more cynical plot as about plausible reasons of act of terrorism in the underground . The newspaper also considers latest developments in Minsk against socially - political shocks in the Near East and in the North Africa, noticing that in February A.Lukashenko has acted with criticism of popular uprisings in Tunis and Egypt and has threatened to start armed forces if in its country something begins similar.
developing this theme, journalists Guardian express opinion that act of terrorism will help the country leaders which can use it as an occasion to the further approach to opponents of the power. - the typical authoritative manager of the Soviet style - has given to Lukashenko the order to disperse meeting of the opposition which have left on streets, to challenge results taken place on December, 19th 2010. Presidential election a victory on which has once again gained the operating head of the Belarus state. Then some leaders of opposition have been detained. Now they expect court on charges in the organisations of mass riots - the newspaper writes. The American edition of New York Times gives of a word of the arrested person on the night of December, 20th 2010. Anatoly Lebedko who has noticed that after explosion in the summer 2008. Special services searched for organizers of attack in the ranks of opposition, despite lacking direct instructions on their participation in that action. the authorities can limit the rights of citizens after that tragical incident. At least it is possible to expect the further approaches to opposition and institutes of a civil society - the Belarus oppositionist has underlined.
other American newspaper Los Angeles Times also assumes that explosion in the Minsk underground can become the cause for the next reprisals against opposition. whoever stood up for this brutal and barbarous certificate, it is obvious not representatives of opposition - has declared in interview the editor-in-chief of the independent Belarus newspaper National will Svetlana Kalinina, having expressed confidence that special services will search, as before, for organizers of act of terrorism in the ranks of opponents of authorities in power.