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The Russian politicians about act of terrorism in Minsk

the Russian politicians since morning make comments on the act of terrorism which has occurred the day before in Minsk. As to frivolous they concern assumptions that behind the explosion organisation in the underground there can be Belarus authorities.
the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov named happened terrible tragedy . Were lost and have suffered in what not guilty people - he has told, having presented deep condolences to victims and having wished the prompt recover by the victim. feeling of indignation of the mean action of terrorists - in each of us - the speaker has added.
he also has assured that Russia will render any help to the brotherly Belarus people. we should understand carefully together how such could happen - the speaker has continued. In this connection it has expressed confidence that experience of the Russian special services in struggle against terror will be claimed at investigation of act of terrorism in the Minsk underground. Besides, B.Gryzlov has suggested to impart experience with the Belarus colleagues of forming a legislative barrier on a terror way that terrible terrorist threat has never mentioned brotherly Belarus " more;.
the First deputy of the head of fraction Fair Russia in the State Duma Gennady Gudkov does not exclude that explosion in the Minsk underground could appear splash the Russian terrorism which has moved on territory of Belarus. Perhaps, someone where - that when - that has offended someone also etc. - has noticed in this connection the member of parliament.
the vice-president of committee of the State Duma on safety Vladimir Kolesnikov has expressed opinion that behind act of terrorism can stand persons who wish to destabilise conditions and to dethrone Lukashenko . At the same time he has urged not to search behind explosion in the Minsk underground the West or East hand . This all artificial problems and if someone does not like Lukashenko, let leave on meetings, and the people it will dethrone, but to operate with such cannibal methods, arranging acts of terrorism, bad people " can only; - V.Kolesnikov has concluded.
making comments on the version about possible participation in explosion of the Belarus authorities, widely discussed in the Russian blog sphere, G.Gudkov has noticed that would not began to do in this respect far-reaching conclusions. I am not assured that behind this explosion there can be deeply counted chain. Yes, the terrorism can lead to crackdown in the country, but can undermine and trust to the power - the deputy has told.
anyway the certificate of act of terrorism in Belarus looks ridiculously, G.Gudkov is convinced. at us someone for something struggles - who for branch who for money, and in this act of terrorism is difficult to isolate any logic - the deputy has told, having urged to wait results of investigation of an event.
the head of fraction of LDPR in the State Duma Igor Lebedev considers absurdity the version that explosion in the Minsk underground could be favourable A.Lukashenko. it is full absurdity. So it is possible to reach that - twins in the USA the American president has arranged explosions of towers, and acts of terrorism in Russia could be favourable, for example, to B.Yeltsin when that was in power - I.Lebedev in interview has declared.
the member of parliament is convinced that similar versions only offend the Belarus president. it is bad or is good, but results of elections represent the facts, A.Lukashenko really is popular among the people - I.Lebedev has told.
as he said, the terrorism knows no limit also nationalities and can be made in any place and at any time . Yes, in Belarus there are no Caucasian problems, and this country takes of a quiet position under the relation to all international problems, therefore the international community is once again convinced that the terrorism is a general trouble - I.Lebedev has concluded.