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The starving Oleg Sheyin is ready to die for the ideals

the Former candidate for mayors of Astrakhan, the party member Fair Russia Oleg Sheyin intends to challenge results of elections in court. The reason of so late reference in judicial instances was that the staff of the candidate long time could not receive record of chambers of video observation from the polling districts, the confirming facts of numerous falsifications on elections.
meanwhile the vice-president of the Central Electoral Committee Leonid Ivlev considers elections of the mayor of Astrakhan lawful. According to O.Sheyin, the reason of it is prosy enough - L.Ivlev is the party member an United Russia and it covered falsifications on elections of the mayor in 2009. The politician has stated such opinion in interview to the newspaper Kommersant .
At the moment in mass hunger-strike participate 15 - 20 persons, however from first day four persons participate in the action only, and all of them of different political views, O.Sheyin has noted. If the power does not go on compromises the politician is ready to die for the ideals. Hunger-strike will stop only in case of fair, pure re-elections, O.Sheyin has underlined.
making comments on the information that governor of the region Alexander Zhilkin has offered eseru a post in administration, O.Sheyin has declared that for posts it is not bought . the Governor has cast region into grandiose political scandal and as it seems to me, up to the end does not understand event consequences - has noted eks - the candidate.
according to O.Sheyin, the federal authority, in particular the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin, does not interfere with business as party heads and the Kremlin functionaries are interested that in Astrakhan and Volgograd operated this grouping . Eser has noticed that their protest is absolutely peace, and during actions did not sound any Antiputin slogan. Any gosdepovskih scenarios we is not comprehensible - the politician has noted, having added that to it the call from the American embassy with the offer of the adviser of a diplomatic mission of Patrick Horona has really arrived to arrive to Astrakhan, but eser a meeting has refused.
we will remind, scandal in Astrakhan has burst after elections of the mayor which have taken place on March, 4th. According to official figures, on them the candidate from " has won; an United Russia Michael Stoljarov. The deputy from party " became the second; Fair Russia Oleg Sheyin. However the data eksit - pollov has sharply dispersed from the information given by the Central Electoral Committee: polls showed that on elections with the big separation was in the lead eser O.Sheyin. In protest he has gone on hunger strike, on 25 - j which day in a city disorders have begun.
the Vice-president of the Central election committee Leonid Ivlev has declared that does not see the bases for cancellation of results of elections of the mayor in Astrakhan.
the prime minister - the minister V.Putin during performance before deputies of the State Duma, making comments on hunger-strike eks - the candidate for mayors of Astrakhan, has noticed that O.Sheyin hunger-strike of the beginnings, and in court has not addressed . oddish. That to starve - that? Perhaps still the court will understand - the prime minister under snickers of deputies from " has declared; an United Russia . Fraction Fair Russia has in protest left the State Duma boardroom.