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Legal experts: Armies have stopped operations in Syria

the International observers and active workers of human rights organisations confirm that the situation in Syria at present remains quiet, and Damascus has carried out of the international obligations according to the plan of the peaceful settlement offered spetsposlannikom the United Nations and Leagues of the Arabian states of Kofi Annan.
the governmental armies have stopped operations by 06:00 Moscow time in the Syrian cities, active workers in country Damascus capital, and also in the cities of Homss, Idlib and the Boor which were earlier under a siege of the governmental armies confirm, transfers Reuters.
In particular, legal expert Abu Rami who is in Homs, has informed that at night regular Syrian armies have spent again city bombardment, however after 06:00 Moscow time the situation was stabilised. Thus the dissident has underlined that tanks and other armour have not left the specified city and nearby territories.
Tanks, snipers and armed forces are still appreciable by all city - the legal expert has noted. Similar statements were made also by other civil active workers.
we will remind, on the eve of the power of Syria have informed spetsposlanniku the United Nations and Leagues of the Arabian states Kofi Annan`s (LOG) on the consent to stop military operations on April, 12th at 06:00 Moscow time. At the same time in the letter directed to K.Annan, it is told nothing about a withdrawal of troops, on the contrary, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of the country has declared that Damascus reserves the right to itself proportionally to answer any attacks of terrorist groups directed on civilians, the governmental armed forces or public and a private property .
In Syria since March 2011. Opposition of the authorities and opposition which threatens to outgrow in full-scale civil war proceeds. The Syrian opposition demands resignation of president Bashara Asada, accusing the governmental forces of mass atrocities in relation to the peace population. Official Damascus asserts that under cover of democratic slogans in the country boss gangs of the armed terrorists . By last estimations of the United Nations, during the conflict in Syria were lost already more than 9 thousand civilians.
besides a withdrawal of troops from cities and the violence termination, the project of peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria K.Annan provides providing of access of the humanitarian help in the suffered areas and creation of the mechanism of monitoring behind performance of the listed conditions.