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D.Medvedev in 2011. The President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has earned less V.Putin

has given in tax departments of data on the incomes and property for 2011. As informs a press - service of the head of the state, for last year he has earned 3 million 371 thousand 353,27 rbl.
In common with the spouse Svetlana Medvedevoj it owns apartment the area of 367,8 sq. m. to It also 15 accounts in the Russian banks for a total sum of 5 million 178 thousand 081,62 rbl. D.Medvedev also belong rents the ground area the area of 4,7 thousand in sq. m. In the property of the president two vintage cars - GAS - 20 the Victory 1948. Century and GAS - 21 1962. Century
the Spouse of president S.Medvedev has in the Russian banks of 3 accounts for a total sum 26,76 rbl., owns two garages a total area of 32,5 sq. m and Volkswagen Golf car 1999. Century
Minor son D.Medvedev Ilya for 2011. Incomes, and also the property belonging to it on the property right, no contributions to banks, securities, obligations of property character had.
as to premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, following the results of 2011. He has earned 3 million 661 thousand 765 rbl. As informs a press - service of the Russian government, the prime minister posesses the ground area under individual housing construction by the area of 1500 sq. m, apartment the area of 77 sq. m and garage of 12 sq. m on collective parking. In termless using of the prime minister there is an apartment the area of 153 sq. m and the garage the area of 18 sq. m. V.Putin also owns cars M GAS - 21, M GAS - 21 and VAZ the Field and the trailer the Scythian .
the Spouse of the prime minister has received past year the income at a rate of 443 thousand 34 rbl. of Real estate and motor transport at it is not present.