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In Astrakhan the people demand resignation of the mayor and new elections

In Astrakhan from a building of a regional thought where the situation is discussed with elections of the mayor, the crowd holding a meeting has gathered. As the deputy from " informs in the microblog; Fair Russia Dmitry Gudkov who has arrived to Astrakhan, the people demands new elections of the town governor and resignation of present mayor Michael Stoljarova.
the People want to communicate to Stoljarovym and to it it to tell personally - D.Gudkov writes in Twitter. Itself eser wanted to act at session of a regional thought, however to it have not asked to speak. As a result he left on a tribune then has been declared having rummaged in session.
the people are revolted by that have not pledged me a word. I wanted to offer from a thought tribune to deputies to urge Stoljarova to retire voluntary - D.Gudkov tells.
meanwhile at session the leader " has had time to act; eserov Sergey Mironov. According to D.Gudkova, S.Mironov has suggested to hold a referendum on a theme, whether trust astrahantsy to the selected mayor. there was together with Sheyin, Levichevym and Gudkovym at session of the Astrakhan regional thought where the question on results of elections of the mayor was considered. All as always - S.Mironov in Twitter has noted.
we Will remind, to support protesting against dishonest elections to Astrakhan have arrived not only esery but also popular bloger Alexey Navalnyj. TV presenter Xenia Sobchak intends to arrive there on Friday, on April, 13th, and it pays a trip to a city to all who is ready to express the solidarity with the Astrakhan starving.
we will remind, scandal in Astrakhan has burst after on elections of the mayor according to official figures the Central Electoral Committee were won by the candidate from an United Russia Michael Stoljarov who was supported by the governor of the Astrakhan region Alexander Zhilkin. However the data eksit - pollov has shown that on elections the member " was in the lead; Fair Russia O.Sheyin.
Eks - the candidate has declared numerous falsifications on elections of the mayor and in protest at it has gone on hunger strike, which proceeds about one month. On 25 - j day of a protest action in Astrakhan disorders have begun.
within two weeks O.Sheyin achieved delivery to it of videorecordings from city polling districts. One of these days it has received demanded materials and now intends to protest in court results of elections.