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Mass-media named, who most likely will occupy an armchair of the Murmansk governor

In Murmansk area the party in power an United Russia it was defined with candidates on a post of the governor: to the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev will present nominees zamglavy Pavel Bogushevicha`s region, vrio Marina Kovtun`s governor and the general director of Open Society Murmansk sea fish port Vladimir Sokolova.
it is necessary to notice that many experts designate a post of the governor to Marina Kovtun, in - the first because it has been appointed earlier by the president of temporarily fulfilling duty of the head of region.
the opinion of experts was supported also by one of the candidates offered D.Medvedev: P.Bogushevich in the comment to the newspaper Kommersant has told that if it is all - taki there will be Marina Kovtun this choice will be in a format . I am almost assured that the president has already made the choice in favour of Marina Kovtun - has underlined vitse - the governor of Murmansk area.
we will remind, the former governor of Murmansk area Dmitry Dmitrienko has been sent in resignation by the head of the state on April, 4th 2012. As have noted then in the Kremlin, the head of region has made decision to leave a post at own will.
D.Dmitrienko headed Murmansk area with 2009., having replaced with Yury Evdokimova`s this post. According to a number of experts, for three years it did not manage to reach mutual understanding with local elite, and also to achieve unconditional support of the federal centre.