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O.Sheyin toughens again hunger-strike

Eks - the candidate for mayors of Astrakhan Oleg Sheyin who in protest at falsifications during this campaign starves about one month, comes back to a rigid mode of hunger-strike. Earlier “ as a sign of rapprochement from the Central Electoral Committee “ he has drunk a glass of orange juice.
“ in the morning, believing that Vladimir Churova`s statement (about readiness to look video) is power gesture to reconciliation, I have made the statement that we are ready to go on softening of hunger-strike and has drunk a juice glass. I was mistaken. This gesture is apprehended not as openness gesture, and as a weakness sign “ - O.Sheyin in the blog has explained.
“ instead of normal dialogue and negotiating process there is a confrontation. So personally I will do without some juice till that time, while Vladimir Evgenevich (Churov - a comment) Will not look at that video about which so goes conversations much. From tomorrow we will continue to spread it on the Internet - a site behind a site “ - O.Sheyin has declared.
on Thursday the leader “ SR “ Sergey Mironov who also has arrived to Astrakhan, has declared that “ esery “ have asked starving to drink juice, instead of water not to lead up itself to  destruction. He has informed O.Sheyin that the head of the Central Electoral Commission V.Churov has promised personally to see all videorecordings from city polling districts.
some days earlier in Astrakhan have landed the whole landing of the oppositionists, arrived to support protesting against falsifications on elections of the mayor. There, in particular, there has arrived popular bloger and the fighter with corruption Alexey Navalnyj. Then known TV presenter Xenia Sobchak has urged Muscovites to go to Astrakhan to support fighters for fair elections, having promised that itself will arrive to a city in a weekend.
we Will remind, scandal in Astrakhan has burst after elections of the mayor on March, 4th. According to official figures the Central Electoral Committee, on them the candidate from " has won; an United Russia “ Michael Stoljarov. However the data eksit - pollov has shown absolutely opposite picture: polls have shown that on elections with the big separation was in the lead “ eser “ O.Sheyin.
in protest at dishonest elections it has begun hunger-strike which lasts about one month. On 25 - j day of a protest action in a city disorders and collisions with police have begun.