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In capital Somalia bloody slaughter

the Leader of insurgents in Somalia Hussein Ejdid has begun declared today a victory of the forces over governmental. As a result of collision 40 persons, from them 21 civil were lost. About hundred persons have got wounds (among them some known military men). The Minister of Internal Affairs of Somalia Dahir Daja recognised that the governmental forces have obtained the order to depart, and has expressed concern in connection with an intensification of operations. Today the government extraordinary session will be spent. We will remind that Ejdid opposes the provisional government headed by president Abdikassimom Saladom Hasanom. Armed conflicts have begun in 24 hours after in capital port the large party of the weapon and ammunition has been delivered. The weapon has been forwarded from Ethiopia for struggle against provisional government.
it is necessary to notice that forces of maintenance of the law and order in Somalia are weakest. Only last year the government urged the former military men to return to field army numbers. A new management of this African country for restoration of peace and safety called all who when - or served earlier in army, to be registered in lists and to recruit itself ranks of military men in training camps.
since in 1991 was will dethrone dictator Mohammed Siad Barre, in Somalia there was no national army or police. As there was no also a uniform board - the country has actually broken up to small sites, each of which was supervised by the local leader of fighting groups.
the present president and the government has been selected only in August and now they try to transform Somalia into the uniform normally operated state again. Earlier in the country was 100 - thousand army, but then many soldiers were included into fighting groups of local leaders, and others have simply been killed.
nevertheless, the conflict to insurgents ripened for a long time. Inhabitants of the country, being afraid of it, ran in the next states. More than 10 thousand Somali refugees have arrived to Kenya for last two weeks. The wave of refugees from Somalia can harm to an infrastructure of the city of Bula of Haua where basically them and direct. In a city lives all 20 thousand persons. At present the countries next to Somalia grant a refuge to 400 thousand to the Somali refugees who have left the native land in the beginning 1990 - h Only are in Kenya 208 thousand refugees.