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Weinstock has withdrawn

“ Olimpstroj “ the head of the largest state ­ corporation " braked preparation for the Olympic Games

Yesterday­; Olimpstroj “ Simeon Weinstock who has headed its all half a year back on the instructions of Vladimir Putin, has written a resignation. And though following the results of work it is presented to an award, sources daily in governmental body assert that Weinstock did not cope with commissions of the government and has not worked well together with investors. Victor Kolodjazhnyj, till yesterday were the mayor of Sochi, - a creature of the minister of regional development of Dmitry Kozaka became new head GK. Replacement has occurred on the threshold of arrival of the commission of the International Olympic ­ committee (IOC), and the Russian authorities are afraid that the IOC can show displeasure delay of rates of building of objects for the Olympic Games - 2014.

the Post of the head “ Olimpstroja “ To Simeon Weinstock has been offered by Vladimir Putin in September, 2007, the day before 60 - letija a top - the manager. It is no wonder that now officials it is underlined correctly explain Weinstock`s leaving. “ anything unexpected in it is not present. It is planned replacement “ - the minister of regional development Dmitry Kozak has told yesterday.

According to Kozaka, in September at Weinstock`s appointment to post of the head GK the arrangement that it " has been reached; should start the mechanism, adjust process “. And to leave. On a question daily, whether really there was an arrangement to leave post of the head GK in in advance stipulated terms, g - n Weinstock has answered yesterday: “ No, there is no term. Here is how I will finish, and I leave. It could be in December or February “.

Minister Kozak has expressed yesterday confidence that a command “ Olimpstroja “ numbering 420 persons, remains in state corporation and after leaving of head. But, judging by tone of statements of the curator of a state company, Weinstock`s leaving was not so cloudless and only outwardly looks unexpected. From time to time the scandalous statements connected with activity GK " got to mass-media; Olimpstroj “. The head of Audit Chamber Sergey Stepashin declared that has received the consent to check of expenses of state corporations. It was the first call about discontent of the authorities with work GK. Then Weinstock have caused on “ the governmental hour “ in the State Duma. It had to justify that expenses on the Olympic Games “ prepared to Guatemala “ and it is no wonder that they will grow over planned 314 mlrd rbl. But, according to the deputy of the State Duma Victor Ilyukhin, corporation “ Olimpstroj “ itself it is guilty in growth of expenses, does not prove them that “ creates huge possibilities for “ washings up “ money “.

The Business not without effort involved with the authorities to building of objects on the Red Glade, too grumbled from time to time. The source familiar with affairs GK, says that Weinstock had a conflict to Oleg Deripaska. Ostensibly head “ Olimpstroja “ tried to refuse to its Austrian structure Strabag possibility to build objects in Sochi, but then by council “ from above “ has been compelled to change the mind. The public claim to Weinstock was stated recently by the president - chairman of the board VTB Andrey Kostin. He has declared that its bank has suspended participation in tenders for placing of temporarily available assets “ Olimpstroja “. The source daily in governmental body has placed points i. “ G - n Weinstock is sent on pension against its will, - has declared a source. - it not always honesty carried out government commissions “. According to the source, Weinstock has led contacts to business up a blind alley. “ Relations have been spoilt not only with business, but also with the head of region “ - confirms a source.

“ Weinstock - the first, but not last head “ Olimpstroja “ which will dismiss “ - political scientist Dmitry Badovsky believes. It reminds that Vladimir Putin has put on the Olympic Games altar - 2014 reputation and rigidly supervises a building course. “ it is not excluded that to the place of Kolodjazhnogo “ will choose “ one of sign figures of federal level, considering that Sochi - summer president residence “ - the expert assumes.