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Poland will refuse the ABM

rockets and a radar will be placed in Czechia

On hand daily there was an information according to which Washington is ready to refuse placing of rocket base of the ABM in Poland. The hard line of official Warsaw which has demanded in exchange for building rocket base of the expensive preferences has appeared a stumbling-block. Czechia, already soglasivshajasja on building of radar area of the ABM of the USA can become a basing place protivoraket. In the meantime the idea of placing of the national ABM of the USA in Europe is exposed to the increasing and bolshej to the critic in the America - assumptions of its danger and uselessness have sounded yesterday within the precincts of the Congress of the USA.

revision of area of basing 10 protivoraket became a compulsory measure - as the interlocutor daily confirms, the government of Polish prime minister Donald Tuska meaningly lays down to Washington exigeant conditions on placing of elements of the ABM. Directly to place with itself(himself) nobody tells the American rocket base about unwillingness, however conditions of its occurrence on the Polish earth Washington are difficult for executing - he considers.

according to the source, working in Warsaw dipmisii one of the western countries, expenses for modernisation of the Polish army and equipment by its modern systems of air defence (namely it is a condition of the consent of Warsaw on base building) can exceed figure in 14 mlrd dollars. the Pentagon has to take this money - ABM financing is annually cut down by the Congress, therefore the American military men had to search for alternative to Poland - the diplomat considers. He is assured that even if Washington and has agreed on present conditions of Warsaw government Tuska quickly enough would put forward new - judging by that the visit of delegation of the Pentagon planned on the following week is excellent, Americans have realised hopelessness of the further dialogue of rocket base.

Czechia should become the Alternative variant, apparently, - local authorities without special discussions have agreed on placing of radar area of the ABM of the USA on range Brdi to the south from Prague. Any indemnifications, unlike Poland, the office of prime minister Miroslava Topolaneka has not demanded is and has installed in Americans confidence that Czechs can be persuaded and on placing of rocket base. The official agreement on radar building will be already signed in the beginning of May, during visit to Czechia US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice - it becomes the guest of honour of the scientific conference devoted just to questions of the ABM.

as confirms a source daily, representatives of the Pentagon already probed soil concerning rocket base and special resistance to this idea in Prague have not met. According to the diplomat, the Czech authorities are disturbed by only weak support of the project of the ABM among the population (against - about 67 % of inhabitants) and members of parliament (opposition and entering into government Topolaneka green oppose any participation of Czechia in creation of the ABM of the USA).

For now the American administration tries to agree with Prague and Warsaw, the idea of the ABM is exposed to the sharp criticism in the Congress of the USA. At the hearings which have taken place there on Thursday a number of the American scientists named the project on ABM creation inefficient both razdutym and undermining efforts on liquidation of real nuclear threats for the USA .

In particular, acting have specified that for all time while there are works on the ABM, has been spent only 2 successful tests protivoraket, and this result has been reached in the conditions far from the fighting. By one more minus of under construction system it has been named cooling of relations with Russia to level of times Cold war . According to the leading expert of the Center of the defensive information of the USA Filipa Kojla, it - too a big price for the ABM, which budget is unreal razdut, and efficiency in fighting conditions - is overestimated on some usages.