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The boom of innovations

the state plans to invest in a RuNet

Growth of investments into the Internet - to an innovation in the world is slowed down, told in last report Dow Jones VentureSource. However in a segment. ru innovative projects, or startups, now promptly develop. Looking back at the West, the Russian investors rise in turn, in hope quickly and easily to earn on investments into this branch. However experts warn what to find a pearl among weight the Internet - ideas frequently extremely difficult.

in 2007 in the world of the investment into innovative projects have grown on 25 % in comparison with previous year while for previous four years similar investments annually grew on 200 %. In Russia this market on lifting. If in 2006 the volume of investments has made 25 - 30 million dollars in 2007 he has grown to 60 - 75 million dollars. In our country in startups are put Fund ABRT and Luxembourg Mangrove Capital Partners, and also investment fund founded Mininformsvjazi.

Perhaps, video service YouTube became the most known and successful startup of the Internet. Venture fund Sequoia in 2005 has enclosed in it 11,5 million dollars, and as compensation has received 442,3 million after this 20 - the monthly project has been sold Google for 1,65 mlrd dollars. Other successful project - social network Facebook - has made the founder Mark Tsukerberga the youngest in the world the billionaire. Enclosed in it of 500 thousand dollars similar undertakings have turned to 15 billion

To Russia cannot brag of similar stories of success yet. In our country investors while concern to the Internet - to innovations with watchfulness, putting first of all in the projects connected with electronic commerce and social networks. Among the last the most known steels Odnoklassniki. ru and Vkontakte. ru. In the meantime in our country obvious growth of number of startups and their popularity among venture investors is observed, experts are assured. Not casually on the largest Russian the Internet - a forum the REEF - 2008 in April fair of similar projects has been arranged, and there will pass special conference iCamp 2008 which will be completely devoted innovations on the Internet in the summer.

the boom of innovations in a global network has begun in many respects thanks to occurrence Web 2. 0 - technologies when IT - projects began to do simply and cheaply. lath of an input on the market has fallen, and consequently many on this market have rushed in hope raspila all growing budgets of campaigns on the Internet - advertising - the Internet - politicians MGIMO () the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Rostislav Vyglezhanin has told daily the deputy director of the Center. However many from innovative RuNet projects - it is banal the foreign services transferred on domestic soil - clones Frequently even badly adapted under the Russian-speaking user.

the problem that the Russian Internet does not generate absolutely new ideas, and goes after the western developers more likely, repeats on the Russian soil of their idea - has told g - n Vylezhagin. According to the expert, it is no wonder, that many novelties die off also quickly, as well as are born.

experts say that in the market essentially it is less than good projects, than investors. However, in their opinion, shortly to invest in them will begin the state so, at RuNet innovations iridescent prospects are looked through. after all the startup means by itself innovative technologies, and innovations - one of four and new president Dmitry Medvedev, - the expert - an analyst of Fund of an effective policy Timothy Shevjakov has told daily. - So with the big share of probability we the next four years are waited by boom of the innovative it is state - the focused projects .