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The mortgage has braked

habitation remains inaccessible

this year, according to head Minregionrazvitija Dmitry Kozaka, the volume of delivery of mortgage loans in Russia will increase by 11,5 % and will make 600 mlrd rbl. According to experts, the mortgage market in Russia has not the best times. Hopes of rapid growth continuation last year were dispelled by crisis in the world financial markets. As a result in Russia banks began to worsen conditions of delivery of mortgage loans from - for a severe shortage long money . Now growth is provided mainly at the expense of volumes of the given out credits, instead of their quantity.

in 2007 mortgage lending volumes have doubled. Such udarynh results from the market this year it is not necessary to wait for repetition. According to the forecast sounded today by head Minregionrazvitija Dmitry Kozakom, the volume of delivery of mortgage loans will increase all by 11,5 % and will make 600 mlrd roubles. While there is no exact data on volume of the given out mortgage loans for the first quarter of current year, but, by an expert estimation, it makes 150 mlrd rbl. About it the official has declared at session of board of the ministry. judging by such rates of increase it is appreciable that activity in a mortgage lending segment not so high - has told daily the group economist Alpha bank Natalia Orlova. Ekperty notice that many players have left from the market, and the remained steels to reduce the mortgage programs.

while the statisticans, testifying that mortgage lending growth is slowed down, no. In many respects it speaks increase in the prices at real estate. the quantity of buyers can decrease, but the rise in prices promotes a gain of volumes of the given out credits - has specified g - zha Orlova. As she said, last year it has been given out credits for the sum in 18 mlrd dollars, this year it is predicted about the same volume in 18 - 20 mlrd dollars. Mortgage crisis to the USA, provoked global crisis in the financial markets became a brake for mortgage development in Russia. Cost of extra money for the Russian banks has sharply grown. In particular, in the market of the international credits the rate for private banks it equals LIBOR+7 %.

Stagnation in the mortgage market in Russia is observed from the end of last year that vyzyvano with shortage of long money - the deputy director of department of mortgage lending Binbanka Vyacheslav Panteleev has told daily. As he said, banks are compelled to worsen conditions for borrowers, raising rates that does a mortgage less accessible to the population. And such large players of the market, as VTB - 24 and URALSIB began to spend a policy of increase in rates even. Considering long character of crisis which is worried now by world economy, to wait for fast improvement of a situation and the subsequent decrease in rates it is not necessary.

Some experts believe that reduction of demand for the habitation caused by loss of interest of banks to a mortgage, can provoke reduction of prices. However the similar scenario is improbable owing to that on a mortgage is got, according to expert estimations, 20 % of real estate. it not that indicator which essential impact " makes on the real estate market; - has noted g - n Panteleev. In the circumstances in the worst position there were those citizens who hoped to solve the housing question by means of a mortgage. Toughening of credit conditions and uncertainty of prospects on improvement transforms dreams of own habitation into a smoke.