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The Ministry of Internal Affairs the interdiction of children of the house

to protect from pedophiles

the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Rashid Nurgaliev has declared that considers necessary to enter restrictions on a finding of minors in streets into evening and night time, to reduce crimes concerning children. besides necessity of toughening of the criminal legislation it is necessary to show consideration for the initiative of regions about introduction of restrictions on a finding of minors in the street in night and an evening - the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at session of a time emergency response centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on activity coordination in sphere of preventive maintenance of offences has declared. Experts name the offer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs fragmentary measures which cannot lower quantity of crimes against children.

According to last data of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation, quantity of grave crimes against children in Russia, including rapes and murders, every year steadily grows. In 2007 it has been registered 161 thousand such crimes: 2,5 thousand children were lost, and heavy harm to health of 2 thousand 786 children is done.

terrifying stories of murders and violence over children get to mass-media on some times in day. So, the sentence on the case of murder of two seventh-graders from Anna Ljutoj and Anna Mohnatkinoj`s Silver-tongued orator for the present is not pronounced. Today it became known that the accused Nikolay Mozgljakov already completely recognised the fault, and genotiposkopicheskaja examination has confirmed that the biological traces found during the investigation, belong to it. News lines of agencies inform that only in April the militia has started search 11 - the summer girl from a city of Balakhna, 9 - the summer inhabitant of Omsk, two 14 - summer schoolgirls from Smolensk, two Chita boys of 7 and 9 years and many - many gone children.

last month representatives of law enforcement bodies repeatedly declared that with arrival of spring pedophiles and maniacs always become more active. In this connection they urged to be more vigilant and not to leave children of one in the street, especially in the evening days. Meanwhile experts notice that parents cannot secure completely the children own forces, therefore lock children in the evenings of the house is not an exit. to protect the citizens is a duty of the state. Certainly, parents should be attentive, however to struggle with criminality owe law enforcement bodies. The measure offered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is populist and fragmentary. It is absurdity, vigorous activity imitation! - the director of the Moscow bureau for human rights Alexander Brod has told daily.

in its opinion to lower quantity of crimes against children it is possible only preventive measures. it is necessary, that the militia reacted to any calls more operatively, traced people with unstable mentality, and simply - approached to the work better and more responsibly. As to courts it is important that to criminals adequate sentences " were taken out; - has underlined g - n Ford.

the legislation is valid today in Russia provides the extremely loyal punishment for pedophilia. According to article 134 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, the sexual intercourse and other actions of sexual character with the person who has not reached sixteen-year age threatens criminals with only four years of imprisonment. Having got under article 135 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Dissolute actions the criminal in general can get off with the penalty in 300 thousand roubles, however, and the maximum term here small - only 3 years.

when the maximum term for the pedophile - 4 years, it has passed ridiculously! For pedophilia it is necessary to give not less than 10 years of prison. As to relapses they should threaten criminals with a life imprisonment, and that at us the percent on recurrent violent criminality is equal almost 100 - the psychiatrist - criminalist Michael Vinogradov summarised in conversation with daily. Experts notice that if the state will not take cardinal measures, especially in legislative sphere the quantity of victims of perverts and maniacs will inevitably grow.