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Extreme visit

Sergey Shojgu has unexpectedly arrived to Belgrad

the Head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, poprisutstvovav on yesterday`s doctrines of the subordinates on island Sardinia, today has arrived in capital of Serbia. In the blitz program - visit of the Russian minister - meetings with the prime minister of Serbia the destiny of the interstate agreement on the thermal power station, signed in Moscow on January, 25th this year becomes Voislavom Koshtunitsej and president Boris Tadichem, and the main theme of negotiations.

the reason of so steadfast attention of the Russian official to the contract on thermal power station lies on a surface. The political shocks which have happened in Serbia lately, have called it into question - document ratification in parliament is tightened for uncertain time, and it threatens with failure of the terms of the beginning of works registered there. Thus all bosses of the country unanimously repeat importance of the agreement for Serbia, however for an exit from a current situation anybody from them does not undertake concrete steps.

we will remind, it is a question of privatisation by the Russian company Gazprom oil 51 % of actions of local fuel monopoly Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS) and building 400 - a kilometre site of the main gas pipeline the Southern stream . A part of the Serbian government, led by prime minister Koshtunitsej, demand from the ministers representing party of president Tadicha, to solve a question with the contract before the parliamentary elections appointed for May, 11th, however their appeals remain not heard. The developed stalemate threatens that the terms designated in the contract, will be broken. As a result realisation of projects on modernisation of actives NIS bought by the Russian company, no less than has begun site building the Southern stream Will be removed for uncertain time that will lead to the not planned losses both Serbian, and the Russian side.

this theme also becomes main at Sergey Shojgu`s negotiations with the top management of Serbia. The occupying post of the head of committee on interstate cooperation between Russia and Serbia, g - n will try to convince Shojgu the vis-a-vis (first of all - president Tadicha) to ratify the contract, without waiting formations of the new government and parliament. On that, how much successful there will be its mission, it will be possible to judge, statements Serbian " are how much serious; democrats which leader is Boris Tadich, about continuation of cooperation with the Russian Federation in case of their victory on elections.