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Itera the company will be engaged in coal

the Group of companies " has won auction on a deposit of coked coal and methane

; Itera continues to invest in not profile business. Yesterday affilirovannaja with Itera the company the Arctic workings out has won auction on the Apsatsky deposit of coked coal and methane in the Chita region, having offered for it 1,325 mlrd rbl. Predicted stocks of coal on this deposit can reach 2,2 mlrd t, and methane - from above 250 mlrd cubic m. According to experts, the company methane interests first of all, and for working out of a coal deposit it can involve the partner.

the international group of companies (MGK) Itera it is created in 1992 and since 1994 is engaged in gas realisation. Since 1998 Itera develops own gazodobychu in Russia, in Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region in Western Siberia. Following the results of 2007 Open Company net profit the Oil and gas company Itera on RSBU has increased by 47,6 %, to 2,93 mlrd rbl., in comparison with 2006.

auction on the right of development of the Apsatsky deposit of coked coal and methane with the starting price in 530 million rbl. the Winner yesterday has taken place became close to MGK Itera the company the Arctic workings out which has offered 1,32 mlrd rbl. for a site with predicted stocks of coked coal of 485,2 million t and nearby 250 mlrd to cubic m of methane. In MGK Itera have confirmed the victory fact in auction, but additional comments have refused.

as transfers the Prime - TASS, the contender the Arctic workings out have acted Bajkalnedra which founder are the Russian physical persons, but with the assistance of the Australian capital. It is necessary to notice that for this active also applied the company Apsat Which till the end of 2007 was engaged in working out of a part of a deposit (in the end of the last year at it the licence has expired), and also Russian oil group and Udokansky gornometallurgicheskaja the company. However these companies have not passed examination in Rosnedrah and have not been admitted to auction.

analyst IK finam Denis Gorev notices that coal mining Itera earlier was not engaged, therefore the Apsatsky deposit is interesting to the company first of all by methane stocks. Thus he assumes that the company can involve for working out of a coal deposit somebody from profile investors who possess necessary technologies. By estimations of the expert, in dorazvedku the given deposit it will be necessary to enclose an order of 50 million dollars and about 150 million dollars it is required to start extraction. Under forecasts of experts, as a result of additional studying of the Apsatsky deposit stocks of coked coal can reach nearby 2,2 mlrd t.