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The kingdom celestial

in a new film with Jackie Chana`s participation the past meets the future

the Forbidden kingdom - it is fantastic - a fantastic story created by efforts of the Chinese and American cinematographers. In this film the past meets the future, the West - with the East, and Jackie Chan`s popular actor - Whether with not less popular actor Dzhetom. Founders of a film pay attention to that fact that two masters of martial arts work for the first time together on a set. Judging by that the working name of a tape sounded as The J &J Project, rates on Jackie and Dzheta became very big.

on a film plot the American teenager Jayson living in Boston, adores the Hong Kong films and oriental combat sports. As - that time it comes into a little shop in the Chinese quarter and finds out there an ancient artefact with which help it is transferred to ancient China. There the guy learns that the thing belongs to the tsar of monkeys, the character positive, but turned by foes to stone for the whole 500 years. The country is ruined in the meantime by devastating attacks of soldiers of commander Dzhejda. And before returning to native Boston to DVD - to a player and the Internet, Jayson should release the tsar of monkeys. Will help it with it the oddish master kung - faugh Lju Jan, the silent monk and the girl - the orphan. To interfere - soldiers of spiteful commander Dzhejda and the demonic woman with white hair.

the basic part of a film keeps on martial arts, knowingly in the project have invited Jackie and Dzheta. Two masters who have divided the most part of screen time, it is effective shlestyvajutsja with each other, train young Jayson correctly to wave hands and feet and bring down it on the earth, sentencing something like: You should respect the teachers!

Whether by Jackie Chan it was literally scattered in compliments of Dzhetu, declaring that over the last ten years to it with anybody it was not worked so comfortably and that process went very quickly as it was not necessary to carry out the same trick on 20 times. As the director of fights Juen Vu Pin has acted, whose diligence beautifully fought and heroes of all of three " flied in air; Matrixes and the Stolen tiger who has hidden a dragon . One more star of the project became 20 - the summer actor Michael Angarano, played Jayson`s role. Despite the early age, he already has had time to act in film in 44 films and serials.

a forbidden kingdom besides entertainment of spectators by demonstration of flying soldiers and fine women carries out also educational function. Namely acquaints public with the novel Travel on the West the written classic of the Chinese literature At Chang - Enem. The film plot is based on this history, from it the tsar of monkeys is taken also. And many characters are borrowed from the Chinese mythology and various books.

statement of this history Rob Minkoff for whom Chinese psevdoepik became unexpected turn in career was engaged. It undertook to reduce for the first time the East and the West, placing in one shot the Chinese classics, the American teenager and masters of oriental combat sports. Before he shot basically cartoon films and lovely family pictures, for example both parts Stewart Littla and also the King of the Lion and the Haunted house . Shootings have begun in territory of China around desert Gobi and have ended in the Chinese studio Hengdian World Studios. The film budget has made 70 million dollars the Western critics already seeing the Kingdom have characterised it as a mix of a children`s fairy tale, a fascinating comedy and a film about oriental combat sports, thus accent, certainly, it is not made on what. But to look, Whether as grown with Jackie Chan`s hair mutuzit at accurate Dzheta, not the sin and to run into the childhood.