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Who following?

starts the sixth round of the championship of Russia on football in the prime minister - league

So it has turned out that already after five rounds the first trainer`s resignation - from a post of the instructor situated near Moscow " has taken place; himok Slavoljub Muslin has been dismissed. But besides the Serb on a hair some trainers, and already the sixth round, probably hang at once, who will answer on a question, following.

the basic applicant for dismissal is the helmsman Moscow Oleg Blohin. The club which has taken following the results of last season the fourth place, shows the extremely unintelligible game. In the sixth round Moscow in capital derbi will battle with the Dynamo . Andrey Kobelev`s wards play simply perfectly well, and to constrain to their football players Moscow it will be very heavy.

unusually low position for itself is occupied also with CSKA which backlog from the leader makes already seven points. Before this season hearings about Valery Gazzayev`s possible resignation, and after two successively defeats from " already went; Terek and nalchikskogo Spartaka the armchair under the trainer of CSKA has really reeled. Following three duels for its command will be the extremely difficult ( the Locomotive the Beam - Energy and Zenith ) And in case of a failure Gazzayev most likely will be dismissed.

even worse CSKA has begun the championship Moscow Spartak . It is red - white cannot leave on high level of game in any way, over and over again losing points. In such situation there can be a question on resignation of head coach Stanislav Cherchesova. Before a command there was a task in view to win the championship and successfully to act in League of champions, but with such game, what Spartak shows now, in Europe to it it simply nothing to do. In the sixth round a command the hardest departure to Nalchik expects, whence to take away points it is possible not all.

in Ramensky there will be two more losers of start of a season - Saturn signs of the operating champion of Russia Zenith . In a similar match in last season Zenith has won a champion title and will try to win by all means and this year but while lags behind leaders more and more. And after all ramensky the club at which it is a lot of ambitions, plays houses always confidently and will try to extract in every way three points in a match with the champion.

as to the absolute leader of the championship the Ruby citizens of Kazan of the house will accept Perm Amkar become to one of this season opening. In case of a victory the Ruby will repeat the record of the best start belonging the Dynamo (six victories from six).

In Samara typing a course Krylja Sovetov will meet with Tom` and in this match Wings unconditional favourites. In a match of outsiders SHinnik signs Khimki and in Grozny will play Terek and the Beam - Energy . In these duels also chances of a victory at owners considerably above, than at visitors.