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Public chamber of the Russian Federation the Public chamber of Russia has suggested to freeze tariffs for a subscription press

intends to rescue love of inhabitants of the country to reading. Namely - to make more accessible a subscription to the press. It is offered to keep the prices and discounts for a subscription press, to freeze tariffs for a subscription, operating with the beginning of 2008, having left them without changes and for 2009. And also financially to support distributors of printed matter.

in some regions of Russia to 20 local newspapers are closed, because people cease to subscribe for them from - for high tariffs. It was declared yesterday by the chairman of the commission of Public chamber of Russia on communications, the information policy and a freedom of speech in mass-media Pavel Gusev, acting in the State Duma at joint session of the Duma committee on the information policy and commission OP of the Russian Federation on communications, the information policy and a freedom of speech in the mass-media, devoted to questions of a subscription to periodic printing editions. In its opinion to correct a situation, it is necessary state dotirovanie. As marks g - n Gusev, the state grant necessary FGUP Mail of Russia makes 2,5 mlrd rbl.

that the enterprise is in a heavy financial position, general director FGUP " has confirmed also; Mail of Russia Andrey Kazmin. Under its data, last year losses have made 3,2 mlrd rbl., and the predicted not compensated incomes in 2008 can be an order 4,2 mlrd rbl.

Other experts consider what to solve this problem it is necessary in a complex. The commercial director of Open Company Inter-regional agency of a subscription Alexander Petrenko has declared daily that the question of development of institute of a subscription should be solved together, during dialogue of the state, publishers and distributors. As marks g - n Petrenko, the state can declare the press the social goods and support it by introduction of tax and other privileges .

For a subscription solution of a problem it was offered to create special working group. By words vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Valery Jazeva, it is necessary to develop the concept of reforming and state support of system of a subscription, including questions of introduction of modern technologies of reception and delivery, revision of time specifications of delivery of subscription editions and regulation of a tariff policy in a subscription segment. As to frosts of tariffs, that, according to Jazeva, this question was already discussed at the governmental level and has been supported also by Dmitry Medvedev.

As have informed in a press - service FGUP, the question on freezing of tariffs is brought for discussion and will dare when the size of the state support of the given service will be defined. Therefore to speak about, whether it will be possible to keep quantity of subscribers, early.