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Greece has agreed

to participation in the project the Southern stream

Greece as one of the most probable participants the Southern stream has given the consent to join to Russian - to the Italian project. Participation of Greece in a consortium was quite predicted, negotiations were conducted repeatedly. As analysts believe, the consent of Greece has considerably lowered appeal of realisation of the basic competitor the Southern stream Nabucco. Nevertheless the government of Greece carries on negotiations for purchase of gas at Azerbaijan and Algeria not to get to dependence on Russia.

the government of Greece has made decision to join to the project the Southern stream it was declared by the minister of development of Greece Christ Folias. Thus the minister has noticed that negotiations now are carried on for purchase of gas at Azerbaijan and Algeria. G - n Folias highly appreciates Russia as the large player in the power market and adds that the authorities of Greece already work over technical details of the agreement with Russia.

we will remind that to Greece on a gas pipeline the Southern stream have agreed to transport gas such countries, as Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary. Experts are unanimous in opinion that Greece it becomes quite logical the participant of a consortium. Greece - the obligatory participant of a southern branch of a gas pipeline, without it it is impossible to conduct a branch to Southern Italy, besides its participation was planned initially. On an alternative variant of conducting a southern branch of a gas pipeline through Macedonia and Albania Gazprom hardly would agree - the analyst of the investment company " speaks; Fajnenshl the Bridge Dmitry Aleksandrov. project deviations across Greece should not be unlike Slovenia and Austria - the analyst of YOKES " agrees; Kapital Vitaly Krjukov. Source in Gazprom positively estimates joining of Greece to to the Southern stream naming the consent of the Greek government the correct decision .

According to the chief of analytical department IK Brokerkreditservis Maxim Sheyin, for Greece the Southern stream means first of all millions dollars for gas prorolling through territory of the country. By calculations g - on Aleksandrova, the annual gain of Greece from gas transit will approximately make 140 million dollars

to Gazprom joining of Greece to a gas pipeline will allow to diversify commodity markets and to increase volumes of export of gaz to the Central Europe, Maxim Sheyin considers. G - n Hooks considers as the purpose Gazprom not wholesale deliveries of gas to the European market, and sale of raw materials to end users.

the consent of Greece to participation in the Southern stream Reduces probability of realisation of gas pipeline Nabucco, Dmitry Aleksandrov considers. In spite of the fact that the estimate the Southern stream considerably exceeds specific cost price Nabucco, Russian - the Italian gas pipeline will be faster constructed, at it stable loading by the Central Asian raw materials unlike the European competitor is expected. As to the basic supplier of gas it is more convenient to Turkmenia to work with Russia, as Gazprom has already agreed to redeem Turkmen gas at the European price. Besides the Russian power holding has proved as the reliable counterpart in cooperation with the Central Asian countries. Vitaly Krjukov agrees with opinion of the colleague: Really, at Turkmenia necessity to deliver gas to Europe, because " disappears; Gazprom will pay market price for gas . Nevertheless, as he said, it is not excluded that further the Southern stream and Nabucco will be vzaimodopolnjat each other. And that fact that Greece carries on negotiations for purchase of gas at Azerbaijan and Algeria, g - n Hooks explains to that Greece thus levels risks, diversifying suppliers.