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Rostehnadzor has pressed Americans

from the market of charges for chisel works

Rostehnadzor will oblige oil industry workers to refuse certification requirements under the American standards of the equipment for conducting explosive works on chinks. In Russia there has successfully passed tests own technology of quality check of such production which became unique alternative in the world to the technique of the American institute of petroleum industry created 40 years ago (API). In department consider that it will allow the Russian profile production to occupy not less than 70 % of the market in total amount some billions dollars a year.

as Rostehnadzora Nikolay Kutin has told yesterday to journalists zamglavy, the Russian technology of test of cumulative charges for boring works at neftegazodobyche was created within eight years and one of these days has been successfully tested on explosive charges of the company Bashvzryvtehnologii . Three More its competitors - the companies promperforator Perfoteh and VNIPIvzryvgeofizika - have already submitted demands for certification of production. As he said, during method working out all basic lacks of the American analogue are considered and corrected, identical targets from strong alloys instead of the concrete in particular are invented.

the official has explained that till now in the market the infringement of the rights of the Russian contractors in favour of foreign as oil industry workers demanded certificates API as an indispensable condition of participation in tenders for chisel works with use of the profile equipment was observed. Conditions at " were that, as he said; Tomskneft . But from the moment of carrying out of new tenders in August-September of this year Rostehnadzor will forbid customers to put similar restrictions. Thus the monopoly of the American manufacturers of chisel charges is broken.

Oil industry workers officially do not make comments on the requirement of Rostehnadzora, and informally say that without dependence from norms of certification will be guided by production where there is the best parity of the price and quality.

official Rostehnadzora has let know that before the given out certificates on this equipment operate one - two years. Then to all participants of the market, even foreign, all the same it is necessary to receive certificates under the Russian standards to have possibility to apply here the equipment. As he said, oil industry workers will have the right to buy and not certificated explosive charges but if during check of Rostehnadzora their defects or discrepancy to safety parametres corresponding collectings will be applied come to light. It has designated that such strict measures on quality assurance of charges will help to avoid failures on chinks which bring many thousand dollars of a loss to the oil companies. By estimations of Rostehnadzora, the market turn on manufacture of punchers and cumulative charges makes some billions dollars a year. Nikolay Kutin counts that with introduction of new rules the Russian manufacturers will occupy not less than 70 % on it.

Rustam Shakirov, the general director of the company Perfoteh has informed daily that its company intends to pass production certification on new Russian technology within the next week. It has estimated a market turn on manufacture of the explosive equipment for carrying out of boring works on chinks in 1-2 mlrd dollars

According to Nikolay Kutina, any foreign company yet did not submit the demand for passage of this kind of certification of production. Thus he has underlined that foreigners are ready to accept the Russian game rules. Schlumberger last year has created the manufacture of charges and perforatornoj technicians on the basis of one of the Russian defensive enterprises - he has told.

Representative Schlumberger in Russia Gleb Ovsyannikov has explained daily that the enterprise of the company which is located in Bashkiria, makes production from the Russian materials which are got at domestic suppliers. As he said, it has certificates of conformity of Rostehnadzora, and also corresponds to the international standards. He has specified that in case of need the company is ready to prove quality of production.