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the SOU - 155 the Company reduces the rate

promises to make habitation in regions more accessible

the Group of companies the SOU - 155 declares start of the new program in the regions decrease in the average mortgage rate and increase of demand for habitation should become which result. Organizers of the action promise to lower the interest rate under the credit to 8,5 % annual in roubles. The program starts in Nizhni Novgorod, Ivanov, Tula and Yaroslavl.

the SOU - 155 will introduce the new program together with Independent building bank: the rouble credit under 8,5 % annual will give out during the investment period of building of habitation - from the moment of a foundation ditch till the moment of registration of the property right to the constructed apartment. According to the company, it will lead to decrease in the average mortgage rate in the specified cities on 30-40 % and to increase in demand at 30 %.

If such rates are made, it will very well affect the market - the first vice-president of the International association of funds of housing construction and mortgage lending Valery Kazejkin has told daily. In its opinion, this action will lead to increase of demand for under construction habitation in regions as now not many can far buy rather expensive apartments. so basically this good business - it is necessary to welcome such initiative - the expert has underlined. At the same time he has noticed that the company should formulate more accurately the offers as in this case it is a question not of a mortgage, and is faster about instalments on habitation purchase for the period before the building termination.

it is a question of instalments, - has confirmed daily the assistant to general director UK the Multibroker Julia Verbitsky. - It is not absolutely clear, as the company managed to agree with bank in conditions when from - for financial crisis in the world markets money becomes expensive . In its opinion if in the given cities the considerable number of objects " is under construction; the SOU - 155 and they occupy a considerable share of the market then demand for habitation can really increase.

organizers of the new credit program are assured that so essential depreciation of the entrance ticket for the habitation market will allow to get apartments more to a wide range of citizens. In turn, this tendency will lead to building boom in regions that will favorably affect national economy as a whole.