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Genre crisis

the American media market experiences difficulties

Mortgage and financial crisis in the USA was reflected in many branches of national economy, having mentioned the majority of sectors of the media market. Among them the printing mass-media which have suffered from - for outflow of advertising injections. Cable television indicators Besides, have considerably decreased. The Russian media companies notice that their business has not been mentioned financial crisis. Experts consider that in the conditions of growing national economy world crisis will not threaten the Russian media companies,

According to data Nielsen, the volume product placement in a prime - a time - programming of the USA has fallen approximately to 15 %. Advertising on cable TV has decreased on 20 % from January till June, 2008. Publishing holdings are compelled to rise in the price for newspapers and magazines from - for reduction of volumes of advertising. On 52 - j to week of fiscal year indexes HRS 50 (Hollywood Reporter Showbiz) have fallen again and have reached record-breaking minimum indicator from the moment of the company basis in the beginning of 2006. It is connected with global fall of cost of one of 50 companies which are a part HRS. Besides, actions Cablevision have gone down on 12 %, Sirius XM and Viacom also have reached record-breaking low indicator for the first half of the year.

representatives of the Russian companies mark stability of the Russian media market. Stable growth of profit of the media companies from advertising in Russia is confirmed with the given Associations of communication agencies of Russia (AKAR). For the first half of the year 2008 the advertising volume in means of its distribution has made 126 mlrd rbl., and a market gain - 20,4 % in comparison with the similar period of last year. Thus forecasts while remain same optimistical. Speech can go only about delay of rates of increase, but in any way about falling of incomes.

The Vice-president of group IMA, vice-president AKAR Vladimir Evstafev yet does not see the bases for anxiety of the Russian media market: In all developed countries the advertising market is absolute mirror reflexion of a situation in economy. Only with a difference exactly for a year. Because all large advertisers who define the advertising budget of the country, plan the expenses on year later depending on an economic situation. If in the world crisis it is equal in a year is observed it is necessary to expect its reflexion and in the media market. For today the overwhelming majority of mass-media, in Russia including, directly depend on advertising . However, according to the expert, Russia is in special position, as well as other countries BRICK. in emerging market economies this law does not work, because the advertising industry there develops superfast rates - considers g - n Evstafev.

Analyst UniCredit Aton Anna Kurbatov also is assured that world financial crisis yet does not threaten the Russian media: Certainly, Russian public media companies suffer from crisis in the financial markets. But essential delay of incomes of advertising at domestic holdings it is not observed. Demand for advertising in Russia depends first of all on a condition of the Russian economy, and it continues to develop good rates. Steady there is a demand and from the global companies, such as Unilever or Coca - Cola which while only are glad to spend money in Russia for advertising .