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“ Vympelcom “ the Operator looks at the West

looks narrowly to Telekom Austria

“ Vympelcom “ intend to expand the presence in the foreign markets and considers possibility of purchase of Austrian operator Telekom Austria, has informed the Austrian agency ARA. Analysts consider such transaction improbable, as “ Vympelcom “ has not had time to recover yet from purchase Golden Telecom.

“ Vympelcom “ considers possibility of acquisition Telekom Austria Group, informs the Austrian agency APA referring to sources in the Austrian mass-media. What share holding the operator intends to get, and also the sum of the possible transaction are not specified.

Telekom Austria Group - the largest Austrian telecommunication company, rendering services in Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and other countries of Europe. The company owns 70 % of actions of Belarus company MDC (trade mark Velcom). Now the basic shareholder Telekom Austria is the government of Austria from shares of 27,37 %, the others of 72,63 % of actions are in the free reference at a stock exchange.

in May of current year there were hearings that Russian AFK “ System “ it is interested in acquisition of one of cellular actives Telekom Austria. In the holding this information do not confirm, noticing that the company now conducts an estimation of the different markets, but the concrete decision on purchase any of actives yet has not accepted. Egyptian a TV set - holding Orascom also informed on negotiations with Telekom Austria. In “ Vympelcom “ on the information on share purchase in Telekom Austria do not make comments. A press - the secretary of the company Ekaterina Osadchaja has explained that now the Asian telecommunication market is most interesting to the company.

before Telekom Austria can be got, company privatisation should take place. However this process can be tightened, as in Austria now there is a process of formation of the new government. The part of parties supports privatisation, and a part - against such step.

yesterday market capitalisation Telekom Austria has made 8,71 mlrd dollars Capitalization “ Vympelcom ­“ has made 19,41 mlrd dollars, actions have fallen to a mark 19,25 dollars To the second quarter 2008 end ­ debt loading “ Vympelcom “ made 7,75 mlrd dollars Taking into account these indicators, Leonid Delitsyn from the company " speaks; finam “ acquisition “ Vympelcom “ the Austrian telecommunication company it will be possible, if the operator obtains the credit.

analyst UniΡredit Aton Anna Kurbatov considers purchase of the Austrian operator “ Vympelcom “ the improbable. “ the company was seriously spent for purchase Golden Telecom and now concentrated to consolidation of actives fixed and mobile communication “ - tells g - zha Kurbatov. Tatyana Tolmachyov from iKS - Ρonsulting says that if “ Vympelcom “ seriously will reflect on purchase Telekom Austria, he will be interested hardly by separate actives of the company. “ I think, “ Vympelcom ­“ it is interested in the western expansion and will aspire to expand the influence in Europe as soon as it probably “ - she has concluded.