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the Operator of the main network wants to capture Europe

the main operator of a network of data transmission Largest in Russia, company RETN, plans to put in the beginning of 2009 in operation the channel connecting the cities of Stockholm, Helsinki, St.-Petersburg and Nizhni Novgorod. In its building it is already enclosed an order of 40 million dollars, the further investments will make 25 million dollars Also in 2009 RETN plans the branch building, connecting Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don with Stockholm, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Hamburg and London. Investments in the project will make an order of 75 million dollars

Joint-Stock Company Retnnet (trade mark RETN) - the international main telecommunication network with head office in Moscow. Renders services of data transmission and IP - the traffic since 2005. The company has own knots in Moscow, London, Frankfurt, Eshburne, New York, Helsinki, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Nizhni Novgorod, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Great Novgorod, Tver, Kiev, Prague, Belgorod and Voronezh. Europe, the North America, Asia and 1120 business - clients, among which legal bodies and the Internet - providers uses company services more than 200 communications service providers from Russia.

the company founder is Dmitry Samarin, in the past the head of the Petersburg provider Eltel one of participants of the market has told daily. in 2002 Eltel and Peterstar rented for two one main channel, but in 2005 Peterstar has refused rent, - he speaks. - then the head Eltel Dmitry Samarin has created company RETN and began to develop this business independently . In July, 2008 RETN has been bought by the Cyprian offshore Nateco.

Till 2007 the company worked on the rented networks, delivering the traffic to the clients on channels of other Russian and western operators. with growth of demand for the traffic we have started to build own networks, - the head of branch RETN in St.-Petersburg Andrey Kuznetsov tells. - in 2007-2008 we were engaged in the repayment and acquisition of networks, in November-December, 2008 we plan to hand over own main network on technology DWDE Stockholm - Helsinki - St.-Petersburg - Moscow - Nizhni Novgorod . By words g - on Kuznetsova, in building it is already enclosed 40 million dollars and will be proinvestirovano 25 million more Also in 2009 building of the channel connecting Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don, and also Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Sweden with Denmark and Germany with Holland and England is planned. On these purposes as Andrey Kuznetsov has told, it is planned to direct still an order of 75 million dollars

At present from the rented channels at RETN there are networks in territory of the USA where building of own networks as the traffic volume on this direction small, is spoken by Andrey Kuznetsov is not planned.

according to the company iPipL, the Internet - the traffic in Russia makes growth of volumes of an order of 60-70 % in a year that forces the main operators to expand capacity of networks. popularity of media services in a network the Internet, such as Youtube, Google. Maps, Skype, torrents and others, also strongly influences the market of the main communication channels, - the head iPipL Dmitry Petrov speaks. - many operators translate existing networks on DWDM that raises throughput of the channel, and presence of own networks does the company of fiber capacity independent of lessors and gives the chance to get profit, leasing free capacity .