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To all Petersburg will not suffice

In Northern capital in the winter power supply restrictions

Petersburg are possible again has got to the list of territories on which in passage of winter loadings the probability of introduction of restrictions on power consumption is high. If was considered earlier that emergency situations can arise in any part of a city are possible only in the centre forthcoming winter of a problem. Thus experts notice that failures in power supply can occur only in case of occurrence of emergencies in system.

that the Leningrad power supply system (unites power objects in territory of Petersburg, the Leningrad and Pskov areas) is included in the list of systems in which at occurrence of peak loadings partial restrictions of supply of electricity are possible, Ministry for the Power Generating Industry of Russia has informed in the end of August. Thus, as the director of branch Leningrad RDU " has told yesterday; The system operator of the Central dispatching management of EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY Igor Kurilkin, unlike previous years in the list of territories in which restrictions are possible, only central part of a city has got. compression territories on which faults in power supply are possible, by words g - on Kurilkina, speaks that last two years in a city new generating and network objects which have raised reliability of system are constructed.

has brought Petersburg the damaged high-voltage cable. As one of experts of the market has explained daily, its extent makes about 2 km. Quickly to replace such cable it is impossible. It will be made only in 2009. Before actions stabilising a situation will be carried out. According to the expert, in case of occurrence of failures in system the damaged cable cannot ensure functioning of one of city substations. Igor Kurilkin too has noticed that faults in an electrical supply are possible only in case of an emergency. Thus he has noticed that to is abnormal to low temperatures of air system is ready. For control over a situation in system in a city the staff on electrical supply safety is created at the government of Petersburg.

according to the representative Leningrad RDU, in case of occurrence of risk of emergency situations in a city probably introduction of restrictions of consumers a maximum on 100 MVt (less than 1,5 % of the greatest possible loading of the Leningrad power supply system. - daily).

in a press - to service of the Petersburg marketing company daily have informed that lists of the consumers, which power supply it will be limited at occurrence of peak loadings in system, are already almost ready, but are not confirmed yet. As have explained in the company, such lists are made annually. It becomes not to admit scale failures in power supply. According to the legislation, lists do not join residential buildings, strategic objects, state power bodies, medical institutions and etc.

While in the Leningrad power supply system of restrictions of consumers was not. Most the difficult situation was in the winter of 2006 when was the maximum loading (6900 MVt) is fixed. In 2009 the system will be capable to work and at higher loading, to 7700 MVt. By 2015 it is planned that the power supply system can maintain to 10 300 MVt.