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Oil recovery in Russia decreases

Officials already throughout half a year repeat that oil recovery level in the country following the results of a year will increase in comparison with the past or on an extreme measure will remain at former level, but the statistics shows absolutely other dynamics. Yesterday Rosstat has informed that for eight months of the company have extracted on 0,7 % less in comparison with the similar period of 2007. Analysts notice what to reach a 500 million mark t oil (for what state officials of oil industry workers called) for the remained four months already there is no hope. However, they assure that decrease in extraction against falling of the prices for oil not too badly.

oil and gas condensate production in January-August has decreased on 0,7 % in comparison with the similar period of 2007 and has made 325 million t, has informed yesterday Rosstat, transfers RIA. In August oil recovery was reduced in comparison with August of last year to 1,1 %, and in comparison with July of this year the indicator has grown on 1,2 %. According to department, last year oil and gas condensate production in Russia has made 491 million t (growth on 2,1 % by 2006). According to former Minpromenergo, this indicator has raised on 2,1 %, to 490,83 million t. This year the ministry predicted oil recovery growth in Russia on 1,8 %, to 500 million t. In turn the new Department of Energy expects oil recovery growth during the current year at level of 1 %.

we Will remind, following the results of last year Rosneft has extracted 101,2 million t oil and a condensate, LUKOIL - 91,1 million t, the multinational corporation - VR - 72 million t, Surgutneftegaz - 64,5 million t, Gazprom oil - 32,67 million t, Tatneft - 25,74 million t.

At the same time especially high hopes to branch assigns vitse - prime minister Igor Sechin. One of these days in conversations with journalists within the limits of the OPEC summit in Vienna he has told that oil recovery volume this year the president " will make 495-500 million t, and; Rosneft Sergey Bogdanchikov then has noticed that its company till the end of this year intends to extract more than 110 million t oil.

in the Russian oil companies do not see the reasons for anxiety. A press - the secretary Rosneft Nikolay Manvelov has told that the company intends to finish year according to the plan. oil recovery - process non-uniform. Today decrease in volume of extraction, for example in connection with repair of chinks is possible, and tomorrow this indicator will be made even to the schedule - explains g - n Manvelov. Thus, as he said, now oil recovery goes to state companies within the limits of the plan.

in LUKOIL following the results of a year the increase in volume of extraction of hydrocarbon expect, the head has noted a press - services of the company Dmitry Dolgov. But forecasts on oil recovery to do difficultly, he has added. in spite of the fact that in the first half of the year this indicator has decreased, we hope that following the results of a year of recession will not occur, as the new deposit in Nenets autonomous region " recently has been started; - has told g - n Debts.

however, experts do not divide optimism of oil industry workers. According to analyst IK the Three Dialogue Valery Nesterov, statements of some officials for extraction growth on 5-10 million t this year are absolutely unreal and it is necessary to wait for reduction of this indicator by 0,7 %. Thus in view of reduction of prices on oil, maybe, it and not so is bad - the expert speaks. Besides, the analyst specifies that if not to take into account on February, 29th leap 2008 (in the calculations of Rosstat it considers) as a whole across Russia extraction falling has made not 0,7 %, and 1 %.

Analyst IK Veles the Capital Dmitry Ljutjagin predicts that in leaders on extraction will appear Rosneft (+8,9 %) and Tatneft (+0,9 %), outsiders - LUKOIL (- 2,6 %), the multinational corporation - VR (- 1 %), Surgutneftegaz (- 4,5 %), Gazprom oil (- 3,6 %).

Under forecasts of analyst FK Okrytie Natalias Milchakovoj, oil recovery in Russia will make within 488-490 million t (on 0,2-0,7 % below level of 2007), where a share Rosneft will make 110 million t, LUKOIL - 94 million t, the multinational corporation - VR - 81 million t, Surgutneftegaz - 61-62 million t, oil Gazprom - 45-46 million t, Slavneft - 9 million t, Bashnefti - 12 million t.