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Sechin Rosnedrami

is dissatisfied with Vitse - the prime minister has charged to accelerate renewal of licences

Igor Sechin seriously undertook structures of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of Russia. On hand daily there was a copy of the inquiry from September, 5th about execution of Rosnedrami of commissions vitse - a premiere about granting of the information on department activity. In the document prepared by secretary vitse - the premiere, is noticed that officials of Rosnedr actually sabotage execution of its commissions, without giving in time and in full required information. The head of department ­ Anatoly Ledovsky says that remarks concern mostly forms of granting of this information, and promises to send in time in the government all necessary data.

Igor Sechin in the letter asks head Rosnedr Anatoly Ledovsky ­ till September, 20th to give copies of documents on attraction to a disciplinary responsibility guilty of an unaccordance in full to activity of agency of the information necessary for monitoring, and also till September, 25th to make office investigation on all facts of infringement of terms of renewal of licences. We will remind that earlier vitse - the prime minister in writing also showed discontent with work of Rosprirodnadzora.

the Majority of remarks vitse - a premiere two times in a month of Rosnedrami sent to it concern wrong or incomplete filling of tables of the reports. Copies of the inquiry besides Rosnedr are directed secretary of the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov, to governmental body and in Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources­.

in the document also it is noticed that instead of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of monthly term established by the order consideration of demands for renewal of licences occupies from ones and a half about six months. From 53 demands which are submitted to department as of the middle of the August, only one is considered in time - for nine days. Thus, infringement takes place in 98 % of cases.

the discontent ­ with quality of giving of the information on licence withdrawal procedure also is shown­. According to the document text, the decision on the termination of the right of use by bowels can be accepted after three months from the date of reception by the user of bowels of the notice in writing of the infringements admitted by it under a condition if in the specified term the company has not eliminated them. However according to Rosnedr given in reports vitse - a premiere, term ­ of the notices given out by department ­ makes from six till 12 months, and in certain cases and it is not specified not so. Besides in some cases the notice on licence withdrawal did not stand out, and within a month after reception of materials the order on the termination of rights of use by bowels was taken out. The substantiation of such decisions is absent. And in two cases the order on licence withdrawal is published even before receipt in the commission of documents from Rosprirodnadzora.

Head Rosnedr Anatoly Ledovsky has confirmed daily the fact of reception of the letter from Igor Sechina`s secretary with remarks on department work. It has explained that claims concern generally forms of granting of data on work of federal agency. “ we fill for the first time the given form, therefore there are any divergences “ - Anatoly Ledovsky speaks. As he said, work on careful filling of all these tables is now conducted, by September, 20th the data will be sent in the government.

thus head Rosnedr, making comments on remarks concerning long periods of validity of the notices given out to the companies about the termination of the right of use by bowels, has noticed that in the law it is specified that it should make not less than three months. “ It means that we can to give also two years on elimination of infringements, after all the main task - not to withdraw the licence, and to provide performance of necessary volumes of geological prospecting and extraction “ - he has told. As to terms of renewal of licences g - n Ledovsky asserts that the law does not provide concrete terms to which nedropolzovatel should present documents on renewal of licences and receive necessary coordination. “ as a result we legalise papers, we send by mail, but we can wait more than three months while the company will sign them “ - head Rosnedr complains.