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Evenki risks

“ RusGidro “ does not hurry up with building mega - HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION in republic

One of the most grandiose power projects in water-power engineering of Russia - Evenki HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION capacity from above 8 GVt - the participation status " can demand participation of foreign investors, and; RusGidro “ in the project can change. As the trustee of power company Rasim Haziahmetov has told to journalists, the decision on a company role in the project will be accepted within two years: “ RusGidro “ becomes the investor, the operator or the observer. Experts are assured that anyway for such project of the company the help of foreign investors is required.

“ RusGidro “ - the second-large hydrogenerating company in the world (the established capacity - nearby 25,16 GVt) after Canadian Hydro - Quebec. A share genkompanii in the market of the electric power of Russia - about 15 %. The state posesses 60,37 % of actions “ RusGidro “.

The Building of Evenki HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION named eks - the head of the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ Anatoly Chubajsom “ a supermegaproject “ it can appear in doubt. At least, the project put in the general scheme of placing of objects of electric power industry till 2020, probably, will be continued any more “ RusGidro “.

the Management genkompanii does not assert unequivocally that is ready to build HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, but also does not refuse it. As the trustee genkompanii has told to journalists Rasim Haziahmetov, the status of participation of the company in the project will be defined following the results of its estimation which will come to the end in two years, and genkompanija can act as the investor, the operator or simply observer.

now the project passes a stage of the coordination of the technical project on preparation OVOS (influence estimations on environment), and also on preparation of a substantiation of investments. Designing will begin after preparation of these documents. By estimations of the Russian company, capacity of station can make from 8 to 12 GVt. The adviser “ RusGidro “ under the project - the Canadian company SNC - Lavalin (developer) considers that it is expedient at the minimum capacity from 7 GVt.

“ RusGidro “ is over what to think the next two years - risks at the project enough. According to Canadians, the cores from them are the position of local residents, ecologists, and also failures in work of system of purchases of the equipment. Besides, genkompanija plans to use blocks capacity 1000 MVt, analogues which else are not present in the world.

a top - the manager “ RusGidro ­“ has added that Evenki HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - the complex project which will demand development of machine-building­­, transport and network capacities. It also has allocated a number of risks which are necessary for estimating: The station is located in a permafrost zone, and it can cause flooding of glaciers, in a flooding place nuclear tests were conducted, building will demand resettlement from 8 thousand to 15 thousand persons.

claims of ecologists can become a serious problem of building of station. This summer the World fund of the wild nature has addressed to developers with the requirement to refuse participation in the project, from - for which ­ inhabitancy of the radical people will suffer­. According to managers of the Canadian and American generators, sometimes the position of ecologists in their country forces to refuse favourable and demanded projects.

the source daily believes in branches, what even at an estimation of risks and the positive decision under the project “ RusGidro “ cannot master such volume of investments alone. He argues that for financing means as investment fund, and the investor - the partner can be involved. Project cost by different estimations exceeds 20 mlrd dollars

Representatives SNC - Lavalin at a meeting with the Russian journalists have told that one of variants of participation in projects is reception in them shares which can make from 5 to 100 %. The manager of company Kristof Rini has declared that in Russia such “ while is not present “.