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215 billion on a shelf

Gazprom does not want to concede Rosneft sea licences

Gazprom and Rosneft have not completely divided among themselves influence zones on the Russian continental shelf. On hand daily there was a program copy Gazprom on carrying out of prospecting works on a shelf of Russia till 2020. According to the document, the gas monopoly intends with 2008 for 2020 to spend for seismic prospecting, drilling and engineering works on 29 sites of a continental shelf Karsky, Barentseva, the Ohotsky and Black seas 215 mlrd rbl., having provided a cumulative gain of stocks at a rate of 6 mlrd t conditional fuel. Thus in sphere of interests Gazprom there were six shelf sites, to develop which would like and Rosneft and one of these licences belongs till now to the oil company.

Till the end of the year Ministries of economic development and trade together with Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources, Ministry for the Power Generating Industry and the Ministry of Finance plan to prepare the complex program on working out of a continental shelf of Russia till 2020. Within the limits of its preparation Rosneft and Gazprom should give the plans of work for a shelf for the given period. Both state companies in the beginning of July sent to Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of the letter with offers on continental shelf licensing where specified sites which wish to develop in the long term. Later they have sent the specified data about the plans after shelf geological prospecting, forecasts after extraction of fuel and a gain of stocks (about the program Rosneft see daily from September, 16th).

the Chief a press - services of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources Nikolay Gudkov has informed daily that the ministry is acquainted with plans and Gazprom and Rosneft on continental shelf working out. Thus he has explained that shelf licensing cannot be carried out from yet - for necessities of completion of some statutory acts.

the gas monopoly applied earlier for working out of 16 sites of a shelf which would like to receive with 2008 for 2010 and which cover water areas Karsky, Barentseva, the Ohotsky and Black seas (see daily from July, 7th). Offers Gazprom for the period with 2008 for 2020 are made with its participation daughters Gazflota and VNIIGAZa. In the document it is underlined 13 more perspective areas for extraction of hydrocarbons. And in the beginning of July interests Rosneft and Gazprom were crossed on two sites on a shelf of sea of Okhotsk: on the Kirinsky block Sakhalin - 3 and Western - the Kamchatka shelf. Now Gazprom besides these licences applies for development of three structures on a shelf of Magadan, and also working out of the Shaft Shatsky in Black sea.

According to the chief of sector of an estimation of prospects a nave ­ tegazonosnosti and licensings neftegazonosnyh provinces of shelves of Russian Federation VNIGNI of Irina Peshkovoj, block resources Magadan - 1 on category 1-2 are estimated in 100-120 million t oil and 400 mlrd by cubic m of gas, Magadan - 2 - in 80-100 million t oil, 270-300 mlrd cubic m of gas, Magadan - 3 - in 40-50 million t oil and 140-180 mlrd cubic m of gas. Thus she notices that the state conducted earlier primary geological prospecting in this region, but has not found out there taken stocks of fuel. According to the expert, the structure of the Shaft Shatsky can have additional perspective sites which adjoin the licence area Rosneft . The licence for geological prospecting of the Shaft Shatsky belonged earlier to YUKOS, but after bankruptcy of this company the given active has redeemed Rosneft . The representative Rosneft Vladimir Voevoda has informed daily that the state company continues geological prospecting on this deposit.

According to the program Gas ­ about ­ ma the company counts in pe ­ riod with 2008 for 2020 to spend for seismic prospecting, drilling, engineering and nature protection actions on a shelf 215 mlrd rbl., from them on drilling of chinks - 193 billion For this period the gas monopoly plans to drill 116 chinks and expects a gain of stocks in volume 6 mlrd t at. t. The basic expenses will have for the period with 2011 for 2015 - 89,3 mlrd Forecasts on extraction the company does not result rbl.

in information management Gazprom do not make comments pla ­ ny on work on a shelf, but confirm that in September the company has directed to Ministry of economic development and trade substantive provisions of the program of works on development of a shelf and the offer on licensing of bowels. A source in Gazprom Says that expenses on shelf geological prospecting are not considered yet in the separate line in the company investment program for 2008 in spite of the fact that it declares the desire to receive during the current year ten shelf licences. He has explained that only six Yamal licences recently have been received, on them now there is a drawing up of the design documentation where the extraction and expense volume will be considered. And destiny of the rights of working out Sakhalin - 3 and Kamchatka should solve the government later. The manager has let know that a shelf of Sakhalin, Magadan, as well as Kamchatka, Gazprom would like to develop within the limits of performance of the commission of the government on gasification of Eastern Siberia and the Far East.

analyst IK the Three Dialogue Valery Nesterov estimates planned level of annual expenses Gazprom On seismic prospecting and drilling on a shelf as third of its expenses on all geological prospecting that shows an important role of prospect of development of a shelf for gas monopoly. It reminds that this year on geological prospecting is reserved 2,37 mlrd dollars Thus an analyst believes that declared 215 mlrd the rbl. can not suffice on all volume of geological prospecting on a shelf, considering difficult environmental conditions and high cost of drilling in perspective for Gazprom sea water areas. It estimates cost of drilling of one chink in Arctic regions over 75-100 million dollars

Valery Nesterov considers that chances Gazprom and Rosneft on reception of disputable licences depend on lobbist possibilities of company management which are changeable. Thus he notices that the most part of sites of a shelf which both state companies want to develop, contains both oil, and gas that creates problems with natural division of business. The analyst predicts that both state companies will involve as younger partners in the shelf projects the foreign companies on terms of financing of geological prospecting and application of high technologies.

License sites which wishes to develop « Gazprom »


Date of reception of licences

shelf Water areas

Semakovsky, Harasavejsky, Antipajutinsky, Tota - Jahinsky, Kruzenshternsky, Sakhalin - 3 (Kirinsky, East - Odoptinsky and Ajjashsky blocks), Western - the Kamchatka site

2008 (the Kirinsky deposit)

Karsky and Ohotsky exhausting

Structure Pallasa


Black sea

Southern - Obsky, Severo - Obsky, Tambej - Obsky sites of bowels, Western - Sharapovsky structure


Kara sea

the Geophysical deposit, Magadan 1,2,3, Korjakija - 1


Karsky (1) and Ohotsky (2 - 5) the seas

Kara sea

the Shaft Shatsky


Black sea

the Leningrad deposit


Kara sea

the Rusanovsky deposit, Njarmejsky structure


Kara sea

Buharinsky, Skuratovsky structures, Ice, Ludlovsky deposits

Karsky (1 - 2) and Barentsevo (3 - 4) the seas

the Source: materials « Gazprom »