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Promproizvodstvo in the USA is reduced too quickly

Decrease in an index of industrial production in the USA in August has made 1,1 %, on it has informed statistical management of the American government. This indicator four times is more than figure which was predicted in the spring by experts. Analysts believe that recession in the industry speaks consumption falling, escalation of financial crisis and is unprecedented a high price level on energy carriers. Latest developments in the USA bring a reality of forecasts of experts of the International currency fund assuming on an attention to the question that in 2008 industrial production level in the USA let is insignificant, but will grow.

August decrease in an index of industrial production - the most serious negative jump of this indicator since September, 2005, when hurricane Katrina Has devastated the American part of coast of Gulf of Mexico (then falling has made 1,8 %). Experts predicted fall several months ago, however, by their estimations, it should not appear so prompt. Proceeding from growth taking place in June-July in 0,1-0,2 %, they counted that by the autumn falling will make no more than 0,4 %. industrial production Falling in the USA is one of signs of the already actually begun recession of the American economy. The sales which have decreased on 24 % of cars, and in general the American economy as we see became the main defining factor of process, has not the best times - the expert of the company " has informed daily; Brokerkreditservis Andrey Dirgin.

According to the senior analyst of the consulting company the Companion Sashi Savichevicha, the role has played also the strengthening of the dollar which has begun in August. Dollar exchange rate growth has limited export possibilities of the American manufacturers, before enjoying advantages which were given by weakness of national currency. Besides, on a number of the largest markets where the American goods are presented, decrease in consumer demand - all it has been noted, no less than proceeding financial crisis, was reflected in an industry condition in the USA - has assumed g - n Savichevich.

Signs of approaching crisis were appreciable for a long time - the summary index of the main indicators of the American economy consistently decreased since May. In July its falling became prompt: if in May and June it decreased on 0,1 % a month in July - already on 0,7 %, and only three of ten criteria considered at its calculation tended to growth. while the policy of improvement of financial sector who is spent by Minister of Finance Henry Polson, does not cause censures: Americans rescue that else it is possible to rescue, and the rest will amputate. It would be desirable to think that accident in the American economy will not occur - if it happens, the prices for oil will instantly fall, and after all economic well-being of Russia in many respects depends on them - has reminded the edition g - n Dirgin.