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Daimler Institutional investors of automobile concern Daimler want to divide

Despite protests of the head of the company

demand from Ditera Tsetshe of branch of a direction of lorries. Shareholders of concern, investment funds DWS and SEB Asset Management have supported Swedish a hedge - fund Cevian insisting on sale of division or its conclusion to stock markets.

the manager of German fund DWS Shtefan Baukneht has declared that its fund in intermediate term prospect extremely positively concerns alienation of division of lorries as this business is very cyclic also synergies between divisions very much ogranichenny . Its point of view is divided by Thomas Kerfgen, financial director SEB Asset Management. the Branch of a direction of trucks would shine cost of separate divisions " more brightly; - he has told to correspondent Handelsblatt. In the developed market conditions, however, it is impossible to receive the adequate price for business of lorries - has added g - n Kerfgen.

the Hedge - fund Cevian putting active pressure upon management Daimler, gets for the first time support from institutional investors. According to branch sources, the Swedish financial investor became recently the shareholder of autoconcern and demands its smashing. G - n Baukneht has underlined that DWS will not insist on branch of a direction of trucks if thanks to it it will be possible to raise cost of all concern by means of placing at a stock exchange. Here only the moment for this purpose now the improper. Right now concern quotations fall, both many analysts and investors mark cyclic recession which will last at least till 2009. therefore the exit on stock market seems to me not too promising - the share manager has noticed. The majority of experts is predicted by branches after several years of growth not less than two years of recession.

the turn of division Daimler making lorries, last year has made nearby 28 mlrd euro. The concern is the largest manufacturer of trucks in the world, it posesses such marks, as Freightliner, Fuso and Mercedes. Meanwhile the autoconcern, despite pressure from party Cevian, declares that is not going to leave division. we do not have intention to separate manufacture of lorries - has declared the representative of concern. Besides, as some analysts believe, sale of division of trucks can prevent to carry out to concern the planned re-structuring.

many experts also believe that the concern where costs on several feet is better, and consider that deprivation of one of them would be an error. there are many effects of a synergy between biznesami automobile and lorries - considers Villi Dits, the head of Institute of motor industry. Besides, if the prices for fuel continue to grow, recession can threaten not only to a direction of trucks, but also division of cars. From limousines of Mercedes-Benzs which are the luxe-class goods, it is possible to refuse. And here from trucks - hardly.

the chairman of industrial council Daimler Erih of Plugs has declared recently that if someone from investors will shatter concern it will cause active resistance of workers. Until now any of the companies which are possible participants of the transaction, has not confirmed that Cevian became shareholder Daimler. Head a hedge - fund Krister Gardel has refused to make comments on the given information.

but considerably fallen share price of the Stuttgart concern already has caused fears of a management about possibility of unfriendly absorption. Despite parting from Chrysler last year, exchange cost of a motor-car manufacturer has decreased almost twice. Now it makes nearby 39 mlrd euro. The largest shareholder of concern now is Kuwait (7,6 %). About 20 % of fixed capital, according to Daimler, belongs to several financial investors.