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Discproducer PP - 100

Japanese company Epson prepares for release new hybrid device Discproducer PP - 100 which after pressing of one button not only in an automatic mode will write down files from the computer on CD - and DVD - pigs, but also will make a professional colour print on a disk surface.

at one time Epson Discproducer PP - 100 can prepare to 100 disks with individual drawing in a colour range of 65 500 colours. And six separate high-capacity cartridges allow to do without replacement blackened high-quality colour prints more than on one thousand disks that allows to receive instantly on their surface the waterproof images protected from greasing. Depending on volume of the data for 1 ch the information registers and prints on 30 CDs (600 Mb) or on 15 DVD (3,8 Gb) become.

The Device supports operating systems Windows XP SP2 Home/ Professional and Windows 2000 SP4, copying files for record and the prepared breadboard models of images directly from memory connected through USB - computer port. Patented mechanism Acugrip provides simple and uninterrupted process of giving of carriers in disk drives. And as the device case is completely closed, and to open it for extraction of disks it is not required - the automatic mechanism places them in a separate target tray.

compact enough - 37,7ơ46,5ơ34,8 the sm - Discproducer PP - 100 does not exceed in the sizes office printer­. It is useful for preparation promomaterialov and decisions of other problems anyhow connected with use of a considerable quantity of disks. Cost and term of an exit of the device on the market are not declared yet.