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Gold percent for citizens

Bank the Trust has entered the new contribution

the New filled up contribution Gold percent with profitableness to 13,7 % annual it is entered in September by national bank the Trust . According to experts, investments in highly remunerative contributions of banks from the first tridtsatki give the chance to investors to save means from inflation and even to increase them.

national bank the Trust has installed the new filled up fixed deposit Gold percent . Profitableness under the contribution makes to 13,7 % annual in roubles, to 10,2 % - in dollars and to 10 % - in euro. The minimum sum of the contribution - 10 thousand rbl., 500 dollars or 500 euros. Payment of percent is carried out in the end of term which makes from six months till two years. The offer will operate till the end of October.

As have told daily in bank, now in the market there was a good situation for the investors, allowing with small risks to earn the quite good percentage income. The investment of money in the contribution with the rate more than 10 % allows not only to save savings from inflation, but also to increase them. Among other kinds of the contributions given by bank, additional possibility to increase the income is given by the deposit Special intended for placing of the large sums. Choice possibility is given to the client: capitalisation of percent in the contribution then in each next month for the attached percent the income will be charged also, or reception of percent monthly into other account, explains the director of department of development of standard retail products NB the Trust Tatyana Lebedev.

According to the data of Federal Agency of the state statistics, the rate of inflation in Russia from the beginning of year has made about 9,8 %. According to participants of the market, the investment of money resources in bank contributions is even more often used by the population as a protection frame of the finance from inflation. So, within 2007 the volume of accumulation of citizens in the Russian banks has increased by 35,6 %, having exceeded 5,1 trln rbl. From the beginning of year this indicator has grown on 11,5 %, to 5,7 trln rbl., is told in Agency materials on insurance of contributions.

the largest state banks, such as the Savings Bank or VTB 24, now offer rates under rouble contributions at level of 10 %. Rather low interest rate to today`s measures, according to experts, is caused by the lowest among the Russian banks risk of an investment. According to the general director of the Center of macroeconomic researches BDO Unikon Elenas Matrosovoj, risks the more essentially, than more largely the contribution sum. Frequently on it the bank choice is under construction. As a rule, if the contribution sum exceeds provided by system of insurance of contributions the sum at a rate of 400 thousand rbl. the preference is given to big banks with the minimum risks. However it not always is reliability guarantee, it is enough to remember crisis of 1998. Besides, today big banks very strongly come off the others on a number of indicators, for example, the general rate of refinancing makes about 11 % while in the Savings Bank it is lowered to 8 %, she adds.

to provide guarantees under small contributions the insurance system allows. In this case at a choice of bank the population is guided by the sizes of the offered rate is more often. As a rule, higher profitableness in comparison with the State Banks is provided with offers of large federal and private banks from the first tridtsatki.

the Bank system lacks liquidity, rates of loan at foreign investors have grown, the head of department of actions of YOKES " argues; Kapital Konstantin Guljaev. Accordingly, external financing restriction leads to that banks raise percent on deposits for the population and change credit conditions. However too high rates under contributions can negatively affect long-term financial stability of banks, considers g - n Guljaev. Thus, the most reliable and in this respect profitableness under contributions at level of 10-13 %, offered nearby large and average banks, and also banks with foreign participation looks optimum.