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Bolivia has afflicted Washington

the USA have expanded the list of the largest countries - manufacturers of drugs

Yesterday in the USA the report on the largest countries - manufacturers of drugs has been published. The first place, as well as last year, confidently occupies Afghanistan, where drugs undermine any efforts to create a steady economic infrastructure and a democratic society . Venezuela, Myanma have got To the list and also, for the first time at George Bush`s presidency, Bolivia. Experts specify in political implied sense of hit of the country in the black list.

all the list of the countries - manufacturers of drugs included twenty states: Afghanistan, the Bahamas, Myanma (Burma), Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican republic, Haiti, Guatemala, India, Laos, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador and Jamaica. It is interesting that all countries set forth above, except for Bolivia, Myanma and Venezuela, carry out of the obligations according to the international contracts on struggle against drugs. These three states, according to the USA, for last year attempts to struggle with illegal manufacture and transportation of drugs have in a pointed manner ruined. In the statement George Bush has mentioned also Canada which became the serious manufacturer marihuana and a club drug ekstezi.

the Assistant to the secretary of bureau on affairs of the international drug trafficking at American Gosdepe David Johnson has noticed that inclusion in the black list of Bolivia was not the hasty decision: Bolivia remains the largest country - the manufacturer of drugs, and the official policy of its authorities and their action have led to deterioration of cooperation with the USA in this area . The matter is that the problem of drugs in Bolivia was always, but with coming to power of president Evo Morales who has put forward the slogan yes - the cook, is not present - to cocaine to supervise manufacturers cooks it became simply impossible. At this policy it is impossible to follow really what part cooks went for internal consumption by Bolivians, and what - for export and processing to cocaine - the deputy director of Institute of Latin America of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vadim Teperman has told daily.

it is interesting that the White house rejects vigorously communication between inclusion of Bolivia in the list and last disorders in the country, threatening to outgrow in civil war, and also with an extradition of the American diplomats from La - the Pass. But at experts other opinion. certainly, in the decision to enter Bolivia in the list there is a political implied sense. However, any military intervention from the USA is now improbable - believes g - n Teperman. However hardly it is possible to exclude certain actions of military character on Evo Morales overthrow from Washington within the limits of struggle against drugs on the Latin American continent . As an example it is possible to remember destiny of Panama president Manuelja Noregi for the sake of which arrest the USA have gone on military intrusion into the country that as a result has led to huge human victims.