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the Prime minister of Karachaevo-Circassia have found in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Appointment of a key figure in the republican government, made new president KCHR Boris Ebzeevym, became for all a bolt from the blue. An armchair of the prime minister which primordially was considered in republic Circassian, he has suggested deputies to assign to the Greek - the employee of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kajshevym. G - n Kajshev is known in Karachaevo-Circassia, earlier lived there and worked. However before yesterday morning his name did not flash at all among possible applicants on premerstvo. Deputies have trusted in the head of republic and have unanimously supported its protege.

on supervision of deputies of regional parliament of Karachaevo-Circassia, last week before appointment of the prime minister has stood out the nervous. All expected that in this armchair by tradition the Circassian will sit down, and discussed possible candidates. In republics of the North Caucasus very sensitively concern parity in representation of title nationalities in the power (president KCHR Boris Ebzeev karachaevets, and the speaker of National meeting KCHR Sergey Smorodin Russian). The day before g - n Ebzeev has warmed up interest of the public, having declared that on a post of the chairman of the government to it is necessary a dray horse together with which it is possible to reorient republic from a survival on development.

the director of department food, process industry and quality of production of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kajshev was not called neither experts, nor local politicians among possible candidates on the post second for the importance in republic. the first suspicions that Ebzeev will offer us Kajsheva, have appeared directly ahead of voting when Kajshev has entered into a boardroom and villages in the governmental box - has told daily the South deputy Ahmat Ebzeev.

Vladimir Kajshev well-known in republic - at the time of the USSR it long time worked as the deputy director on sale of the hothouse industrial complex largest in Europe Southern . It is more familiar to local elite as the businessman, rather than as the politician. On a nationality g - n Kajshev the Greek and in KCHR associates more likely with Russian, than with other title nationality. However all deputies, including 18 Circassians, have unanimously supported its nominee. Partially because it has not caused any censures, but generally owing to that Kajsheva were offered by the head of republic Boris Ebzeev, to which as are assured in KCHR, Dmitry Medvedev has given at appointment of cards - blansh for a conclusion of republic from political and an economic crisis. we would support its any appointment, - deputy Ebzeev admitted. - it is not so bad, as the president, and prime minister KCHR is formally taken from outside. So it is possible to destroy our system of a clannishness and corruption .

Political elite KCHR considers that a nominee g - on Kajsheva have blest in Moscow. knowingly lately at republic there was an assistant administrator of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Nazir Hapsirokov, - have told daily the South in government KCHR. - every day its car stood at a government building, it everywhere went together with the president of KCHR Ebzeevym. The presence he let know that the Kremlin invisibly nearby . According to local politicians, g - n Hapsirokov has been called on the small native land also with mission of smoothing of an acute angle with Circassians who applied for a post of the prime minister as itself belongs to this nationality.

as deputies believe, on it surprises from Ebzeeva have not ended. at session of parliament it has totally scarified work of the previous structure of the government, - has told daily the South deputy Islam Krymshamhalov. - Also has declared that at formation of the new cabinet will not use the greased pack . Almost for certain key ministers will exchange .