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Security Council of the United Nations the vetoes

deprive It in interests of Russia

General Assembly of the United Nations begins work on Security council reforming. Under the direction of new chairman Migelja d General Assembly intends to expand with Eskoto Brokmanna Security Council structure, and also it is essential to limit it in the rights, having deprived, in particular, of veto member country SB. Russia has no allies in present structure of Security Council, and transition of powers from SB to United Nations General Assembly the majority in which make the countries incited against the USA, it is represented extremely favourable.

decisions of General Assembly of the United Nations should have legally obliging character - has declared Brokmann on Tuesday evening, addressing to opening 63 - j General Assembly sessions. The UN Security Council, according to the former head, on the contrary, should similar right be deprived the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua. dictatorship of superstates should remain in the past, - the chairman of General Assembly considers. - The Security Council as it stands became a brake on a way to democracy . Some member countries of UNSF, on expression of Migelja d Eskoto Brokmanna, have sat down on war, as on a drug .

Conversations on necessity to reform Security Council are conducted in United Nations lobby not the first year. In present session of the United Nations begins open intergovernmental negotiations about Security Council expansion. In number of constant members of UNSF Germany, Japan, India and Brazil are considered as the basic applicants for occurrence. Security Council reform by its expansion will not be limited. The general Assembly which includes 192 countries, intends to select some key rights which present member states SB, including the veto possess at Security Council.

the veto in Security Council traditionally is considered one of the main foreign policy levers which have remained with Moscow after disorder of the USSR. However reform can appear on a hand of Russia. In present structure of Security Council of the United Nations at Russia allies are not present, - the analyst of the Center of international safety IMEMO ascertained daily the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Yevseyev. - Great Britain and, with some reservations, France operate in a waterway of a policy of the USA, and China on key questions prefers to abstain . In interests of Russia to insist on expansion of structure of UNSF, and also on transfer of some its powers to General Assembly. the majority of members of General Assembly is made by the developing countries negatively concerning the USA, - has explained g - n Yevseyev. - it will be difficult to Americans to subordinate to itself General Assembly the same as they have subordinated Security Council .

However, Security council reorganisation - business not one day and at all one year. redistribution of powers between structures of the United Nations demands entering of amendments into the organisation charter - the analyst of the London International institute of strategic researches Mark Fitspatrik has reminded daily. Amendments are accepted by the qualified majority, and each state will use it to manage to get something for itself. Nevertheless the British expert has positively estimated the fact deducing in a public field for a long time the ripened and become overripe question about reform of supervising structures of the United Nations.