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The American voyage

Russia strengthens activity in immediate proximity from the USA

After confrontation with Washington foreign policy activity of Moscow was considerably displaced towards Latin America. Yesterday vitse - prime minister Igor Sechin has finished the visit second for two incomplete month on this continent. Cooperation of Russia with Cuba and Venezuela in sphere of space and high technologies was discussed. Visit also has coincided with presence at region of strategic bombers They be 160. According to experts, even symbolical activity of Moscow in podbrjushe the USA Washington can deprive of sensation of invulnerability and by that to anticipate from steps undesirable to Russia. Thus geopolitical ambitions have successfully coincided with economic interests.

in August Igor Sechin already visited Cuba. Then restoration of the relations spoilt at first at Boris Yeltsin when Russia has refused to help socialist Cuba, and then in a heat " became an occasion to visit; antiterrorist the novel from the USA when Moscow liquidated on island station of electronic tracking in Lurdese. It seems that Russia is ready to restore here the military presence. On Tuesday the head of Russian Space Department a part of delegation Sechina Anatoly Perminov has declared possible creation in Cuba the space centre for sounding of a surface of the Earth. Also, as he said, Cuba can acquire the right to use the Russian global navigating satellite system (GLONASS). Even more ambitious statements have sounded on Wednesday in Venezuela. Head Rostehnology Sergey Chemezov promised to transfer to Venezuela supertechnologies on drainage of oil bogs and to capture capital of the country Caracas broadband communication WiMAX. Also it is offered to Venezuela to become client GLONASS.

Though the formal purpose of visit declares development of economic cooperation, visit has passed against presence at Venezuela two bombers They be 160, scale arms supplies and military technology in this country and planned on the end of the year Russian - the Venezuelan doctrines in Caribbean sea. If the declared plans are carried out, Russia will directly encroach on the doctrine of the Monroe which have declared the Western hemisphere by a zone of exclusive influence of the USA and for the first time after the Caribbean crisis of 1962 will shake their sensation island invulnerability .

the Situation reminds the dangerous auction 45 - summer prescription. Only this time the USA not placed in immediate proximity and the USSR (in Cuba and in Turkey) rockets, and the fact of military presence on caucasus and in Caribbean basin became its subject.

the general air defence of the USA and Canada is focused basically on the north, whence during time cold war They were afraid of a nuclear attack, - military expert IMEMO reminds the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Yevseyev. - the direction on the south is not protected from the USA almost, and with occurrence here our strategic aircraft of the USA it have realised. Having fixed in Venezuela, Russia can patrol both Pacific, and Atlantic coasts. Only the permission to an air passage from Nicaragua which as we remember, recognised Abkhazia and South Ossetia " for this purpose is required;.

Vladimir Yevseyev has not excluded that Russia can develop arms co-production that will simplify its sale by other unfriendly USA to the region countries in Venezuela. To the Moscow a Latin course it was necessary to anticipate retraction of Ukraine in the NATO and not to admit conflicts on caucasus, the expert has explained.

thus in a case political and economic interests have coincided with Venezuela, as Hugo Chavez`s country - powerful oil and gas power, the expert has reminded the FEAST - the Center Dmitry Evstafev. Besides, considering a crisis state of the largest world economy, Latin America becomes the most perspective market. Dmitry Medvedev has executed promised
Yesterday in the Kremlin Russia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia have signed frame contracts about friendship, cooperation and mutual aid. They provide the conclusion of separate agreements - in particular, about protection of borders, about a dual citizenship, about counteraction of external aggression, about placing of military bases. Thus the South Ossetia leader Edward Kokojty has again supported republic occurrence in structure of Russia.