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The contention tax

Dmitry Medvedev collects the information on the VAT

Today president Dmitry Medvedev will hold meeting on reforming of tax system. Business does not lose hope that the promised decrease in the VAT all - taki will occur. In RSPP hope that the power, probably, will offer a compromise variant: tax vacation under the VAT for three - four years. Experts do not exclude the worst: VAT not only will not lower, but also will increase deductions sotsnaloga for resuscitation of pension system.

we will remind, on Monday at meeting with representatives of business in the Kremlin Dmitry Medvedev has promised to put an end in the decision of a theme of the VAT within the next few days . The president should reconcile positions of two departments - Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia and the Ministry of Finance. These positions poljarny. In February prime minister Vladimir Putin has charged to head to Elvira Nabiullina to prepare the MAYOR measures on support of the small and average business, meaning unification and VAT decrease. Head of expert management of the president Arcady Dvorkovich has specified then that the rate can be reduced to 12-13 %. The MAYOR suggests to compensate dropping out incomes of the budget for the account of growth of a collecting of taxes.

in turn Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin says that indemnification if will be reached, not earlier than in four years. it nearby 800 mlrd rbl. which we simply should delete from the budget - Alexey Kudrin has declared daily in August. Alexey Kudrin`s positions in the beginning of September have amplified, when prime minister Vladimir Putin has offered to concern vzveshenno to a theme of decrease in the VAT.

it is not excluded that the decision under the VAT will be published today at meeting in the Kremlin. The representative business - the communities, wished to remain not named, says that, on sensations, it is not necessary to wait for decrease in tax loading, considering a crisis situation in the financial market. The leading economist of the company agrees with it The Renaissance the Capital Elena Sharipov. the position g - on Kudrin is more attractive to the authorities: the effect from decrease in the VAT for business will be small, and budget losses are notable - the expert considers.

the director of department of strategic analysis FBK Igor Nikolays is assured that the VAT will not be lowered. moreover, I am assured that deductions under unified social tax " will be increased; - the expert speaks. So it is necessary to treat the phrase of president Dmitry Medvedev told at a meeting with representatives of business, about necessity to understand with the effective rate of unified social tax.

head RSPP Alexander Shokhin considers that the power could lower the VAT for the nearest three - four years while the budget will be profitsitnym. He believes that is now important, that the state has psychologically supported participants of the market. Therefore vacation on the VAT, alignment of conditions on the taxation of residents and non-residents and other measures on trust restoration to the Russian market " is necessary; - head RSPP considers.