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The markets are full of scepticism

falling of world indexes the Russian stock market grows

On Monday has opened falling. As of 11:00 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has fallen to 12,5 %, RTS index has fallen below 1000 points, having lost almost 9 %. Later, from 15:10 Moscow time, the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has suspended at 2 o`clock the auctions in stock market. Analysts notice that the panic was replaced by despondency. Now very few people trusts in fast restoration of world economy. Acceptance of the plan of Polson and did not become a saving tablet for world exchange platforms.

on Friday the auctions in the USA were closed by decrease in the basic indexes. Index Dow Jones has gone down on 157,47 points (- 1,5 %), to 10325,38 points, index Nasdaq - on 29,33 points (- 1,48 %), to 1947,39 points, and index S &P - on 15,05 points (- 1,35 %), having made 1099,23 points. In Japan index Nikkei has updated the day before a four-year minimum. Following the results of the auctions on Monday Nikkei has decreased on 4,3 % and has made 10473,09 points. It is natural that in this situation at the Russian market of chances of correction does not remain, therefore morning of Monday participants of the market met in bagrovo - red tones. In leaders of decrease on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchanges have appeared Savings Bank actions (- 18 %) and VTB (- 17 %), and also GMK Norilsk nickel (- 17,5 %).

we Will remind that on Friday the House of Representatives of the USA at last - that has approved Polson`s plan which as experts mark, would be more fair to name Bush`s plan - Bernanke - Polson. Thus known economist Nuriel Rubini suggests to name the well-known Trinity a three of Bolsheviks from - for readiness of the president, head FRS the USA and the Minister of Finance to rescue economy socialist methods, for example, to resort to nationalisation and to redeem toxic debts at the expense of budget means. Current events show, what even approval of allocation long-awaited 700 mlrd dollars within the limits of the program of rescue of the financial market of the country is perceived by investors, to put it mildly, is critical. However experts notice that plan acceptance has allowed to avoid the worst . it is not excluded that we would wake up in other world if the House of Representatives of the Congress of the USA has rejected Polson`s plan - analyst CIG Vladimir Rozhankovsky has told daily. As he said, investors understand that the given program is directed on support of the credit and currency markets. stock markets fall from - for the general scepticism of investors which do not wait for anything good from slowed down world economy - has explained g - n Rozhankovsky.

Among the Russian analysts of optimists practically does not remain. Nobody argues that the market will start to be restored, - all question in when it will occur. In the near future the market will not grow - the deputy chief of analytical management of the company " considers; AntantaPioglobal Alexander Potavin. By its estimation, market restoration at the best will begin only in the middle of 2009. Decrease in the world prices for oil became the additional factor of pressure upon the domestic market. This morning November futures for oil of mark WTI have decreased to 92,12 dollars for barrel. Thus November futures for oil of mark Brent have fallen to 88,6 dollars for barrel. while the global markets will not feel prospect that the world economy is ready to be stabilised and then to be restored, wait for growth it is impossible - summarised g - n Rozhankovsky.