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In a tungsten jungle

there Can be a new investor Tyrnyauzsky GOKa

Japanese Marubeni Corporation can act as the investor of the project of restoration Tyrnyauzsky is mountain - concentrating industrial complex (TGOK), located in Kabardino - Balkarii. The statement for it has been made by Michael Gorbachev, the general director of Joint-Stock Company Tungsten to which posesses 25 % of actions TGOKa. In connection with world growth of demand for tungsten representatives of this company do not exclude that in one and a half month after the international audit the cooperation agreement with Japanese experts will be concluded. Experts of the market with care concern similar statements, referring to started condition TGOKa.

By data daily the South since 2001 TGOK it is recognised by the bankrupt and today is under external management. Constructions of the enterprise demand a complete recovery, some - buildings from zero. 25 % of actions TGOKa belong to Tungsten which has involved in Kabardino - Balkarsky Republic (KBR) the foreign investor for the further work on TGOKe. the Basic world`s reserves of this metal (approximately 60 %) are concentrated in China. Russia on which share it is necessary about 14 %, for today has three deposits from which the biggest - Tyrnyauzsky, - has declared daily the South the general director Tungsten Michael Gorbachev. - the volume of capital investments necessary for technical reequipment and restoration TGOKa, project Realization makes 2,5-3 mlrd rbl. will allow to create about 1 thousand workplaces at Tyrnyauzsky industrial complex and 600 - on nalchikskom Gidrometzavode - the main consumer of raw materials TGOKa. A project Time of recovery of outlay - about ten years. Works on restoration it is planned to spend during three - three and a half years .

the General manager of Moscow office Marubeni Corporation Kamihiro Usimaru, having visited on a visit in KBR, has informed that its company has seriously studied the project. If interests Marubeni Corporation and Tungsten will coincide, the agreement on investment will be concluded. It will be found out in a month - ones and a half when the international auditor companies by request of the Japanese party will analyse a financial and legal condition Tungsten . As admitted daily the South the assistant to the general director of Joint-Stock Company Tungsten Peter Suharkov, Japanese investors not unique who during the last years were interested in the project.

among the companies which considered an occurrence variant in our business, were UC Rusal, Norilsk nickel Oleg Deripaska`s structures, - has informed g - n Suharkov. - However it is necessary to understand that tungsten is a metal on which it is impossible to make fast money. We hope that the project will interest Japanese colleagues more . As have informed daily the South in the company Norilsk nickel tungsten extraction - not profile business for GMK and it does not consider an occurrence variant in it in the near future. For what share of a share holding of the enterprise can apply Marubeni Corporation, g - n Suharkov did not begin to specify. As he said, the potential of the Tyrnyauzsky deposit makes 50 % from the general Russian stock, and this volume should suffice not on one ten years. In turn, president KBR Arsene Kanokov has underlined in conversation with daily the South that as soon as the management arrangement " will be reached; Tungsten with the investor, Kabardino - Balkarija also is ready to sit down for a negotiating table.

experts with care concern occurrence of new investors in TGOK, including its condition too started. As have declared daily the South in Open Company Research group Infomajn (researches of the market of tungsten in Russia), one of the doubtful moments who can stop potential investors, presence of so-called collective ore on the Tyrnyauzsky deposit (tungsten and molybdenum) is. On their division additional expenses be required. One of the reasons which has stopped occurrence in TGOK the Russian investors, according to experts Infomajn - restless conditions in the North Caucasus.