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Money is a paper

Participants of the market the increase in consumption of office paper

With the most profitable segment tselljulozno - the paper industry - office paper wait - participants of the market connect iridescent prospects. Its growth last year has made, by different estimations, 10-13 %, and the next years dynamics of growth will not fall below level in 7-10 %, experts consider. The basic players of this market increase investment programs and deduce new brands. Thus the majority of experts consider that the market is generated also new players it is not necessary to expect. As the new enterprises demand very big investments at which Severo after problems - the Western timber industry company will dare not everyone.

the market of office paper in Russia, by different estimations, in 2007 has grown on 10-13 %. Thus paper consumption per capita while in times is less, than in Europe. On this precondition build forecasts about market growth some manufacturers. Thus many TSBK aspire to increase a share of office paper in production total amount as profitableness of this most profitable segment is in limits of 20 %.

So, for example, earlier this year group board of directors Ylym partially belonging International Paper, has approved the investment program on 2 mlrd dollars its Basic part as the general director of group " declared earlier; Ylym the Floor Herbert, can be directed on increase in capacities on manufacture of office and polygraphic paper which can reach 300 thousand t in a year. Other enterprise of company International Paper, Open Society Svetogorsk is in the lead on this segment of the market (occupies 46 %) with brands Svetocopy and Ballet. The second place remains behind the company Mondi Syktyvkar LPK entering into group Mondy Business Paper, (32 %). Capacities of this enterprise make 200 thousand t in a year. By own estimations of the company, the unique manufacturer with domestic roots of Severo - the Western timber industry company which is letting out on Nemansky TSBK office papers Office Master and Grand, takes the third place. manufacture of office paper demands enough serious investments. Realised SZLK on Nemansky TSBK the similar project has managed in the sum about 150 million euro. And proceeding from today`s position in our company, hardly who the next years will dare to repeat the similar project - the assistant to general director SZLK Yury Murashko complains. According to analyst ITS Lesprom Network Anastasii Kopylovoj, occurrence of new large players in the market of office paper is improbable in the near future. Those players of the market who could be fixed in this segment with the help doosnashchenija existing capacities, will do it hardly as many of them experience difficulties with earlier started projects - she believes

the Director for marketing and sale Arkhangelsk TSBK Anton Lojter considers that even consumption recession in the near future is possible. euphoria should pass. If we grow on 6-7 % a year, it will be already good - the expert considers. However, the majority of experts with it do not agree. My opinion, waits for us still essential growth of consumption and first of all in the Russian regions - the vice-president on sales and marketing " considers; UPM - Kymenne Russia Rauno Niemela. Experts Mondy Business Paper also consider that it is very perspective market which will grow on 10-15 % a year.