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Open Society production the Guryev metal works there corresponds to Gosstandart (news)

Open Society « the Guryev metal works » has received the report of inspection control of Body on certification of an industrial output and Open Company services « Kuzbas - the Test » confirming conformity of spheres steel grinding to requirements STATE THAT 7524 - 89.
During the spent check by experts engineering specifications and test reports have been studied, the data about metrological maintenance of manufacture of spheres is analysed. Experts were convinced that the technical condition of measuring apparatuses and the test equipment, the standard of the geometrical sizes and hardness of spheres completely corresponds to the necessary requirements existing STATE THAT.
Official acknowledgement by experts of inspection quality control of spheres of the steel grinding shows successful realisation of the Program of improvement of quality of production which is realised at the enterprise since 2007.
so, except spheres steel grinding, made on usual technology and corresponding to requirements STATE THAT 7524 - 89, today on Open Society « the Guryev metal works » spheres grinding the raised volume hardness are made. For their manufacture the technology nizkotemperaturnogo holidays thanks to what a sphere the steel grinding possesses the properties surpassing existing GOST is used. Namely, at the same structure and the maintenance in a steel of nonmetallic inclusions its indicators on crash-worthiness and wear resistance accordingly in 3,5 times, and in 1,5 times exceed indicators of the sphere received as a result of application of usual technology.
For carrying out of researches of quality of a sphere of the raised volume hardness the new equipment for the central factory laboratory and the express train - laboratories martin and sharoprokatnogo shops has been got: desktop optical issue spectrometers ARL QuantoDesk, automatic orbital cutting torch Medium Delta. Use of the new equipment has allowed to accelerate carrying out of the chemical analysis of a steel, pig-iron and ready hire, to receive not only more exact data about a metal chemical compound, but also possibility operatively to make the analysis of samples from each consignment of goods and quickly to co-ordinate its quality according to requirements of customers.