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Not beer climate

the Russian weather has lowered quotations of the brewing companies

On Friday two largest operators of the beer market of Russia - Carlsberg and InBev - have reacted to the panic of the investors caused by message Coca extended the day before - Cola about decrease in its sales in Russia from - for bad weather and financial crisis. Brewers recognised that both these of the factor have worsened their financial and operational indicators in the third quarter. After the message of stock quote of brewers have continued falling: following the results of day Carlsberg has lost 6,2 %, InBev - 4 %.

the Danish concern Carlsberg is the leader of sales of beer in Russia - in 2007 through under control to the personal computer Baltic he owned 37,6 % of the market in terms of volume. The second place occupied SUN InBev - 18,9 %, follow further Heineken - 13,3 %, Efes - 9,4 % and SABMiller - 6,1 % (the given companies Baltic ) .

Excitements of investors have begun on Thursday, when Greek a daughter companies Coca - Cola - Coca - Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CHBC) - has informed on decrease in sales in Russia in the third quarter on 4,5 %, having explained it is an unstable condition of the financial market and bad weather in region. This very day this news has lowered not only stock value CHBC almost on 20 %, but also has pulled downwards actions of the companies of many brewing companies for which Russia is one of the basic commodity markets. So, to closing of session of action Carlsberg at a stock exchange in Copenhagen have fallen to 11,8 %, actions Heineken at a stock exchange in Amsterdam have lost 3,1 %, papers InBev in Bruxelles have shown decrease on 0,6 %, actions SABMiller in London have lost 5,3 %, Efes - 12,2 %.

On Friday Carlsberg and InBev have made grateful statements that their affairs in Russia are really not in the best condition. Carlsberg has warned that in the third quarter 2008 at it the profit in Russia in comparison with the similar period of last year (the company quarterly account will be published on November, 5th) can decrease. Such forecast Carlsberg explains the general adverse conditions in the market, and also bad weather conditions in Russia. But thus the company predicts increase in volume of the Russian beer market following the results of a year on 1-2 %. InBev in turn predicts insignificant growth of the Russian sales in the third quarter, marking, what even increase in sales of bonus brands the Siberian crown and Klinsky could not compensate demand reduction in more economic segment.

after the publication of messages of the brewing companies of their action have continued falling: at the moment of session closing on Friday Carlsberg has lost 6,2 %, InBev - 4 %. Actions of other brewers have reacted not so essentially: Quotations SABMiller have fallen to 1,5 %, Efes - on 1,1 %, and at Heineken even have grown on 0,8 %.