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Anti-recessionary metres

Smolnyj is ready to buy the land which those yet have not started to master

the Government of St.-Petersburg at builders does not exclude possibility of the repayment at developers of the ground areas which building they had not time to start yet. Thus, the city, on the one hand, expects to release the companies from realisation of the yet not begun projects in the conditions of financial crisis, with another - to support the offer in the market at the expense of building of budgetary habitation. The repayment of actives is possible at the total price of the auctions of Fund of property of St.-Petersburg or at estimated cost if the site has been got by the company in the secondary market.

idea about the possible repayment of the earth which have been not taken in hand by the Petersburg developers, on Friday following the results of meeting with heads of the largest building companies has sounded vitse - the governor of St.-Petersburg Alexander Vahmistrov. As he said, the city for this purpose has essential financial possibilities. He has underlined what to select standing idle sites gathers nobody - the repayment can occur only in the event that the companies will come and will suggest them to sell . The administration intends to give the got stains under building of social habitation that will allow to keep the real estate offer in a city at high level. This year according to plan habitation input in Petersburg should make 2,75 million in sq. m (including at the expense of the city budget it will be constructed more than 500 thousand in sq. m of habitation). By words g - on Vahmistrova, this plan it will be executed.

following the results of meeting also it has been declared that as the help to builders the city is ready to prolong terms of building licences of commercial objects without penalties, and also to freeze tariffs for connection of buildings to networks Lenenergo . But to lay down under investors and to fulfil their requirements, motivirovannye crisis, we will not be - has declared g - n Vahmistrov.

This statement began the original answer of the city authorities to the offer of builders to delay payments for the ground areas got at the auctions and to lower tax burden. One of these days with this idea the chairman of board of directors " has acted; the Standard - LenspetsSMU Vyacheslav Zarenkov. Other developers have supported it. Experts notice that strategy of purchase of actives in the falling market characterises a city as the strong player equal in rights. the city had an ideal possibility spekulnut the earth - the director for professional work " marks; Knight Frank St.-Petersburg Nikolay Pashkov. And according to the director of department of consulting and ARIN Ekaterina Markovets`s estimation, neither developers, nor a city especially do not risk in case of similar interaction.

this scheme those companies which have bought the land " can use; on a short package Or on full, but at inflated price. Now these developers, as a rule, have already spent prospecting works and have understood that expected profitableness from the ground areas will not receive, - she has noted. - as to the actives bought in the secondary market them, obviously, it is necessary to sell with notable discount . For a city, in opinion g - zhi Markovets, a variant with the repayment in general safe. in - the first, the money received from sale of sites year - two back, have already been enclosed in city economy and have brought dividends, in - the second, there are new platforms for budgetary building, in - the third, the city always can sell again the sites bought from builders if cannot build up them by own strength - she considers. We will remind that activity of large developers in the market of commercial real estate became the first harbinger of crisis in the city market of real estate. In September of company Ruric, the Theorem Adamant declared sale of some ready objects to gain means for new scale projects.