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Sephora has done some shopping

Having bought half of Russian network Ile de Beaute

Russian perfumery - cosmetic network Ile de Beaute on Friday has informed on sale of 45 % of the actions of multinational network Sephora. Under treaty provisions the buyer acquires the right to finish the package to the control. The contract of the franchise with present partner Sephora in Russia - a network L Etual - will operate till 2010. The European company is dissatisfied with how franchajzi develops network Sephora in Russia, therefore has decided not to deepen with it cooperation and became the shareholder of the competitor, experts speak.

perfumery - cosmetic network Sephora, the third on size in Europe after French Marionnaud and German Douglas, includes more than 800 shops. Since 1997 enters into the French holding LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton).

Network Ile de Beaute is created in 2001, it operates Open Society Uniform Europe - With. B. Entering, in turn, in holding Uniform Europe . Totals an order of 90 shops, from them nearby 20 in Moscow. By the end of 2008 about 100 points are planned to expand a network. According to experts, the annual turnover is made about 450 million dollars

by Analyst FK Opening Irina Jarotsky estimates 45 % of actions of network Ile de Beaute in 90-100 million dollars According to an analyst of YOKES AntantaPioglobal Andrey Verholantseva, the sum of transaction could make 170 million dollars G - zha Jarotsky does not exclude that the network controlling stock will pass to Sephora the next months while Ile de Beaute costs not much taking into account all risks inherent Russian ritejleram.

the Transaction testifies that Russian perfumery - cosmetic retail is strong enough, time even such powerful company as LVMH, has come on the market by purchase of the local project - the trustee Russian perfumery - cosmetic association Anna Dycheva - Smirnova marks. According to EMG the Old fortress the market volume by the end of 2008 will reach 8 mlrd dollars According to experts, among ritejlerov in this market the leader remains L ` Etual (over 50 % of the market), further follow Ile de Beaute (about 20 %), DuglasRivoli (5 %). A share Arbat Prestige occupying in 2007 the second place, experts find it difficult to estimate.

the prisoner in 2003 the franchise contract between companies Sephora and Alkor (operates a network L Etual ) Remains operating before the expiration of the term in 2010, have explained in Ile de Beaute. In L Etual have refused comments. According to the general director of the perfumery company Triumph Emina Bagirova, L Etual has opened in Russia no more than ten shops Sephora, than the European company is very dissatisfied. l Etual the franchise with Sephora was necessary to have an opportunity avtorizovyvat the shops which are in radius of 500 m from others multibrendovyh of shops, authorised by world perfumery brands. By rules authorisations only shops of networks Douglas, Marionnaud and Sephora are not subject, - explains g - n Bagirov. - And Sephora such rates did not arrange, they wanted to develop more actively in the Russian market . In opinion g - on Bagirova if the controlling stock passes to Sephora, shops Ile de Beaute will be rebrendirovany. However in the company expect from Sephora investment injections and promise to open new shops on - former under brand Ile de Beaute.