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iPhone have met easy

Demand for a novelty it has appeared less expected

last Friday on all country official sales iPhone have begun. Contrary to expectations, occurrence in Russia white phones from Apple has not caused the big agiotage. By estimations of analysts Mobile Research Group (MRG), on Friday it has been sold about 2 thousand iPhone across all Russia. Absence of an agiotage of analytics connect with a considerable quantity grey iPhone, and also with the high prices for these tubes.

in opened in 0. 00 hours per Friday shops where on sale have been exposed iPhone, have come on some tens persons. In the USA at the moment of start of sales of the device in the shops trading in phones, huge turns were built, and the place in turn in night of start of sales of the device costed almost 300 dollars World sales iPhone 3G started in July of this year in 22 countries, including, in particular, the USA, Australia, Mexico, countries of Western Europe. For first three days 1 million iPhone 3G has been sold.

By estimations MRG, for the first days in Russia it has been sold about 2 thousand iPhone 3G. Thus on the Megaphone 40 % of sales, on MTS and " were necessary; Vympelcom approximately on 30 %. Leadership the Megaphone it is caused by the offer of the operator on which he sells iPhone for 50 rbl., compensating the price expensive tariff for which the user subscribes. This offer has drawn to itself attention - analyst Mobile Research Group of Eldar Murtazin considers. Interest of buyers to subsidised iPhone observed and in MTS, has noted a press - the secretary of the operator Irina Osadchaja.

MTS for the first days has sold about 800 phones, Irina Osadchaja has informed. Vympelcom on 17. 00 Moscow time on Friday through own offices has sold in capital nearby 100 iPhone, has informed a press - the secretary of the operator Ekaterina Osadchaja. To contact representatives the Megaphone yesterday it was not possible. According to ITAR - the TASS referring to one of sellers of phones, on Friday in Moscow has been sold not less than 2,5 thousand iPhone.

Sales iPhone go to Russia much more slowly, than it was expected, - the general director of company Dixis Ruslan Filatov speaks. - That agiotage on which operators in the first day of sales counted, it was not observed .

Eldar Murtazin considers that Apple has established for Russia too high prices. in this history there is more than sensation, than real results. Under our data, on all country for the first night of sales it has been realised nearby 700 iPhone. It is connected with the high price of the device, and most likely the prices for it will faster fall, than it was expected - it has explained. The second factor constraining sales, - huge grey the market of these phones. According to MRG, in Russia now in using subscribers have 400 thousand grey iPhone. It absence of an agiotage, in particular, speaks - the majority of interested persons already has got a novelty from Apple - the analyst has concluded. Nokia prepares answer Apple
last week Nokia has presented in London the first phone with the touch screen 5800 XpressMusic which is positioned as the direct competitor iPhone from Apple, informs Reuters. Retail price of phone without taxes and tax collections will make 279 euros. It, according to the company, should draw to phone attention of those buyers, for whom iPhone the expensive. Without the contract iPhone in shops of the largest retail network of Britain The Carphone Warehouse it is possible to buy from 600 dollars In the last two days other players in the market of mobile phones - LG Electronics, Apple and Samsung Electronics - have already presented the models positioned as murderers iPhone.