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Igor Sechin can head board of directors Inter the Russian Open Society

Inter the Russian Open Society almost completely will update board of directors. On Friday there was a list of candidates for its structure. From 20 applicants 19 has offered the state, among them - vitse - prime minister Igor Sechin supervising in the government of thermal power station. Sources believe that he will head council that will promote strengthening of a position of Russia in the foreign markets.

Igor Sechin can become the councillor of directors Inter the Russian Open Society - its nominee is offered from the shareholder of the power company - the states in person Rosimushchestva. The extraordinary meeting of shareholders on council re-election is appointed to October, 23rd.

the source familiar with a situation, has told daily that subsequently g - n Sechin becomes its chairman. The company long time remained without the head of council. Earlier it was informed that supervising in the Russian Open Society UES of Russia Work Inter the Russian Open Society and heading council Andrey Rappoport will leave the company. the chairman will be selected at session of board of directors - have commented on the information in the power company.

participants of the market believe that Igor Sechina`s promotion says that the state intends to fulfil promises on expansion of Russia on foreign markets through Inter the Russian Open Society . As earlier told to journalists a top - managers of the power company, strategy Inter the Russian Open Society assumes increase in the established capacity of generation to 30 thousand MVt in 2015. We will remind that now the Russian company which is the operator of export - electric power import, operates power stations in Russia and abroad the general capacity about 8 thousand MVt.

Election g - on Sechina will strengthen positions of the Russian power company in foreign markets - tells a source close to French EdF, with which Inter the Russian Open Society Plans to develop cooperation in the third countries. The representative of one of Russian genkompany has on the condition of anonymity told that influence Inter the Russian Open Society on the Russian market will not amplify, as g - n Sechin and so already supervises branch state regulation.

we will notice that as a whole council will be updated almost completely. The chance to remain in it remains only at three its operating members: heads Rosatom Sergey Kirienko, the director Atomenergoproma Vladimir Travina, and also the chairman of the board Inter the Russian Open Society Evgenie Doda.

In the list of candidates - 20 surnames on 11 places in council. 19 from them are put forward from the state - the representative " speaks; Inter the Russian Open Society . From the government also in council Minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko and head Rosimushchestva Yury Petrov is offered. Among applicants also two representatives VTB and eks - head Transmineral oil Sergey Maslov. In Inter the Russian Open Society have assured that these companies are not shareholders of the power company and also represent the state.

large minoritary Norilsk nickel has put forward the head of department of perspective development of thermal power station of Management toplivno - a power complex of the company of Andrey Manaenko. In the list there is also a representative Gazprom (belongs about 7,5 % of actions Inter the Russian Open Society ) - head Mezhregiongaz Cyril Seleznev (also it is offered by the state).

the Russian Federation now posesses 42,49 % of actions Inter the Russian Open Society . During reorganisation control will pass to the company Rosenergoatom which at present owns more than 14 % of the power company.