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“ Oslo Marinas “ has refuelled in Vyborg

the Vyborg port has grown a tank farm

Group “ Oslo Marinas “ finishes purchase of the Vyborg fuel company (VTK). Its basic active is one of the tank farms largest in Leningrad region around the Vyborg port which also belongs “ Oslo Marinas “. At the expense of this acquisition the group strengthens an industrial zone of port and receives control over deliveries of a considerable part of fuel to a line St.-Petersburg - Helsinki. Volume of this transaction which is not made comments by representatives “ Oslo Marinas “ it is estimated by experts in a range 0,9-3,5 mlrd rbl., and many actives of the Vyborg fuel company have strategic value in the fuel market of region.

the vice-president of board of Investment trading bank Sergey ShCherbakov has told about the transaction. Its bank also considers possibility of the organisation of the international financing for group “ Oslo Marinas “ in the size of 40 million the euro intended for development of business in Vyborg. By data g - on Shcherbakova, the transaction on acquisition VTK still is not closed yet and undergoes structurization procedure. It is a question of purchase of 100 % of its actives, marks g - n Scherbaks. The president of group “ Oslo Marinas “ Vitaly Arhangelsky did not deny, but also did not deny the transaction fact. To find sellers it was not possible.

VTK has not less scandalous popularity, than got “ Oslo Marinas “ in September Baltic sudomehanichesky factory (BSMZ). In the end of 1990 - h - the beginning 2000 - h years in the company passed corporate scandal between shareholders among whom appeared authoritative businessman Sergey Rubinovich, administration of the Vyborg area and a number of other parties, with appointment of parallel controls, power captures of offices and  destruction of one of shareholders. It is now informed that as sellers physical persons act, however their names do not reveal. Vitaly Arhangelsky underlines that for today purchase VTK occurs without scandals. “ at “ Oslo Marinas “ the good credit history, and at us is not present questions to a transparency of their business “ - Sergey ShCherbakov has confirmed yesterday. Turn VTK in 2008 is expected at level of 900 million rbl.

Sergey Snopok, the chairman of board of directors of the holding company “ the Phaeton “ notices that the basic advantage of a tank farm of the Vyborg fuel company - an arrangement actually in port. The president of oil club of St.-Petersburg Oleg Ashihmin specifies in strategic position of some the gas station of a network of the company. Three of them (all the network consists of 15 stations) are located directly at check points through Russian - the Finnish border in Torfjanovke, Cowberry and Svetogorske. It has estimated only these gas stations on 2 million euro everyone. Sergey Snopok believes that the volume of prorolling of oil products on them can more than exceed twice average for Petersburg level and reach 30-40 thousand t oil products a day, and the trading margin on border is appreciable above, than in a city so profitability of these refuellings is rather great. Besides, Oleg Ashihmin specifies that the tank farm in Vyborg - unique in frontier region, and the nearest large tank farm of LUKOIL in Vaskelovo is located in 100 km from Vyborg and far from a line St.-Petersburg - Helsinki. The buyer does not open parametres of a tank farm.

experts most “ Oslo Marinas “ Believe that market cost of actives VTK (they do not open the real price) in present conditions makes 3,5 mlrd rbl., and during pre-crisis times it could be estimated and in 5 mlrd rbl. Participants of the market come out with the assumption that this transaction passes in frameworks of acquisition Baltic sudomehanicheskogo factory as they, under their data, had the general owners. “ former owners BSMZ and VTK really had the general focus of interest, however they represent different groups and these two transactions are not connected among themselves “ - Vitaly Arhangelsky has underlined.