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Shelf ambitions “ Rosneft “

can break about absence of drilling units

“ Rosneft “ has sounded the expenses for development of a shelf till 2030. As has told during the international conference “ Oil and gas of Sakhalin “ the director for a science “ Rosneft “ Mars Hasanov, it is necessary spend for these purposes ­ nearby 30 mlrd dollars However a state company can to face a serious problem: burit there will be simply nothing from - for absence in the market of free mobile drilling units, suitable for work in northern seas. Nevertheless in “ Rosneft “ still doubt expediency of building of own chisel.

according to Mars Hasanova, in expenses “ Rosneft “ on development of a shelf till 2030 expenses on seismic prospecting, drilling and partial equipment by specialised courts are considered. In particular, the company will drill 75 chinks and will execute seismic prospecting (190 thousand pog. Km - 2D, 45 thousand in sq. km - 3D). “ Rosneft “ 45 tankers, 18 seismoprospecting ­ courts and 16 ice breakers is required­. During the five years` work on a shelf of sea of Okhotsk it has spent for seismic prospecting and drilling 1,2 mlrd dollars Mars Hasanov has underlined that today to a shelf of sea of Okhotsk is concentrated about 10 % of all look-ahead resources “ Rosneft “ and in its current projects auditor company DeGolyer and MacNaughton has estimated these resources in 700 million t oil and a condensate.

earlier head “ Rosneft “ Sergey Bogdanchikov estimated expenses for development of all Russian shelf till 2050 in 61,6 trln rbl., 3,2 trln from which - expenses on equipment by chisel courts and platforms and 16 trln - on geological prospecting. Sounded g - nom Hasanovym of an expense “ Rosneft “ On shelf development for the period till 2030 on an order is more modest, as they do not consider an investment in extraction on a shelf, and also in building of the expensive equipment, in particular stationary platforms.

“ Gazprom “ in the program on working out of a shelf till 2020 (is at daily) promises to spend for geological prospecting and drilling on a shelf only 215 mlrd rbl. (8,3 mlrd dollars) . However, for needs of working out of sea deposits it did not declare an expense for building of drilling units, platforms and transport courts in the document. At a rough guess, only operating orders of gas monopoly for these purposes are estimated from above 6,6 mlrd dollars “ Gazprom “ already builds in Russia three mobile drilling units and one platform in the total cost over 5 mlrd dollars, and also has placed on “ Northern shipyard “ the order for eight gazovozov for SPG approximately on 1,6 mlrd dollars By estimations of the vice-president of board “ Gazprom ­“ Alexander Ananenkova, 40 shelf platforms are required to monopoly.

head “ daughters “ “ Rosneft “ - the companies “ the Sakhalin projects “ - the Lion Brodsky in the report at conference “ Oil and gas of Sakhalin “ complained about complexity of rent necessary for work in northern seas polupogruzhnyh drilling units. As he said, in Russia any such while is not present, and in the world the majority already zakontraktovano. Besides, import of everyone foreign the chisel demands set of coordination with defensive departments, and any hitch at this stage leads to a delay of all project of drilling and mullions-strong losses. Cost of daily rent of one polupogruzhnoj the drilling unit since 2006, as he said, has grown from 200 thousand dollars to 400-450 thousand dollars Besides, on everyone such chisel it is necessary five more - six ships of support. Earlier “ Rosneft “ preferred to rent drilling units abroad.

today the state company was not defined yet where and how many courts and drilling units it will build and whether it is expedient to do it in general. Answering a question daily, the Lion Brodsky has told that both variants are considered: both rent, and building. However, a top - the manager has underlined that term of a chisel season on a shelf of the Far East and Arctic regions makes four months, and further installation should search for orders abroad. “ presence own chisel is already independent service business in which it is necessary to put means “ - he explains.

at “ Rosneft “ earlier there was a chisel fleet, but in 2004 the state company has sold four floating sea drilling units constructed in Soviet period, all for 22 million dollars